Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30 - Another week in paradise

Well... today officially marks the halfway point of the change... which means this change is already on the downhill slope... crap time goes by fast. My life is racing like a growing snowball down a mountain.. its scarily fast.  but I still h ave plenty of time to keep working... so Im putting one foot in front of the other always :)

jumping into my week- Tuesday- We had our district meeting in volcan, which was cool. I went back to my area with Vogtman to do divisions :) It was cool working with him :) Vogtman is scuh a good missioary. 

well... I dont havemuch time.. so im just going to summarize the cool stuff. We found a huge bible guy this week. We had a huge scripture chase and discussion with him.. he is a very interesting guy...

my compaqnion got sick on saturday, so we took tings easy on sunday. poor kid puked his guts out. 

but we are rested aand ready to start the week hard and fast :)

I love you all! Ill make sure I have more time next week! 

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