Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 20 - Passing through trials

Well.. So that everybody knows, I haventwritten in a couple of weeks b ecause I got sick and their wasnt much to write about. But this week I have been cured and back to pounding the pavement :) 

There isnt a ton to write about thi week anyways... Tuesday we went to the hospital in David to find a better doctor, and that doctor figured out what I have. Soooo I wasable to start leaving again the next day :)

I didnt bring my journal so I dont remember super well what the events have been the past few days... but its been good :)

I heard this week about a promise President Thomas Monson made to the missionaries. If a missionary memorizes 1 scripture every day of his mission, he will have a photographic memory. I didnt hear about it until now.. so if I do it for two years from now.. I have faith the Lord will still bless me if I try xD its been going well for 5 days now :) 

Shout out to all the Fathers for Father´s day :) Im so greatful for my Dad and the example he has been for me in my life. Hes always been there for me througheverything. ready to talk and help me no matter what my problem is. Thanks Dad for always being there and carrying me through my trials :) 

Well.. I think thats going to be it for this week. Im sorry its so short and I dont have much to talk about. Yall have a good week and ill talk to yall later! :)

Elder Bradburn

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