Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30 - Another week in paradise

Well... today officially marks the halfway point of the change... which means this change is already on the downhill slope... crap time goes by fast. My life is racing like a growing snowball down a mountain.. its scarily fast.  but I still h ave plenty of time to keep working... so Im putting one foot in front of the other always :)

jumping into my week- Tuesday- We had our district meeting in volcan, which was cool. I went back to my area with Vogtman to do divisions :) It was cool working with him :) Vogtman is scuh a good missioary. 

well... I dont havemuch time.. so im just going to summarize the cool stuff. We found a huge bible guy this week. We had a huge scripture chase and discussion with him.. he is a very interesting guy...

my compaqnion got sick on saturday, so we took tings easy on sunday. poor kid puked his guts out. 

but we are rested aand ready to start the week hard and fast :)

I love you all! Ill make sure I have more time next week! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23

Well... this letter will summarize the last week of my life... Its becoming more real to me that there are fewer and fewer of these emails left ahead.. So im going to try and take advantage of the time I have left. Im racing against a clock now :P 

Tuesday- Tuesday.. was an interesting day. we had our district meeting in the morning, and then went to lunch. We are trying to encourage a less active kid to go on a mission.. but hes too involvd with vollyball. We told him to forget volleyball, and ask God. He told me, and I quote "I dont want to ask" why? "because God will tell me yes!" silly kid xD I see him going :) hes a good kid. 

the rest of the day was really just walking... 

Wednesday- We had Hno Lescano come pick us up to take us to his house for a service/lesson. Hi family lives super far away, so its easier if he picks us up, and he has to drop off/pick up the kids everyday. So he picks us up at 7, we help in his garden, teach, they feed us, and he takes us back at 12 to get his kids. W are going to start doing that every wednesday :) super cool. 

LAter, we had a family home evening with the Santos family :) they are such great people. and With the Quintero family :) theyre sogreat! :) 

Thursday- We hada leadership training meeting with carmack and the assistants :) it was super dope :) I lovd it. IT definitely put things in a different perspective for me. Me and my companion hav gotten some good ideas for leading thezone from it. we will see how well those things work out for us in the weeks that come. 

Friday- Friday we went SUPER far to Divala, and none of our lessons were home.. so we got on a bus, back to bugaba, and all the sudden it was 6pmxD 

Saturday- well... Saturday... we literally just walked. and walked. it sucked, but it was better than doing notheing xD We had a "family week" activity in the church that night at 6. it was cool :) We sang a hymn in english for the talent show :P

Suday- well. church is alway the highlight of my sundays. I love going to church and taking of the sacrament. today was particularly special because an investigator we dont even know showed up to church:) he lives in our area... his ex wife made him promise to go, and he liked it, so he is going to come every week :) 

All of our lessons fell this day... so We took advantage and decided to do a super dope planning to try andfix our area and making everything better :) 

that was pretty much my week though.. Its been good, and it went by way too fast. but things are going well, and Im doing the best that I can under the circumstances that Ive been given :) The only thing left that I can do is keep praying to have the Lords help. The Lord will always help us! We just have to keep acting and moving forward while we wait for hi s divine help

love you all! talk to you next week!

Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16 - new companion (4 months left)

soooo... I got anew comp :) not a surprise to anyone :P Totsch had to go. Shout out to Brother Totsch! Love you bro! ill miss you.

Anyways. its been a good week adjusting to my new companion, Elder Knight (from Idaho).  We have been getting along pretty well :) 

Tuesday- well, me and almendarez were on divisions until our comps showed up. we had a service with the Guerra family :) it was a cool service, but it knocked out a huge chunk of the day.  

   We had a cool lesson with a Jehova Witness dude. it wa interesting.. Hes the only JW ive met that is actually open to litening to us. maybe thats a sign... 

Wednesday- My comp got here at like... 6am. Poor kid slept all night in the bus.. I was excited to see him though.. time to hit the ground running with my new comp :)

(in just a couple weeks I will complete one year without a latin comp.. holy cow)

 Thursday- We did our weekly planning, and we went to go talk to the Lescano family :) theyre so dope (where we did the service on saturday last week) and they gave us lunch :) and then Hna Samudio gave us lunch. And then Bryan gave us dinner, and then the other Flia Samudio gave us dinner xD all within like 7 hours. freak. Night also got an ingrown toenail... ouch.

Friday- Sooo... we have a tradition of always going to Taurus on Thursday after weekly planning. BUT- we couldnt yesterday, so the 4 of us went today :) dope. we have to order something different every time we go. 

We spent the day in Divala, an ├írea where we dont have very many investigators, because itssuper far away.  We also caused aroadblock... a group of girls stopped in the middle of the road and waited for us to walk by so that they could speak to us in englih xD stupid teenage girls. 

Saturday- We had a service with the Sisters branch president :) it was cool. we helped him dig out a huge hole to bury a bunch of rocks, and then we had to carry a bunch of dirt in wheelbarrow to cover it all and raise the level of the ground (so he could build an annex to his house)

Sunday- well.. it was a day full of just meetings.. it sucked. we had church like normal, lunch at 1, that wasnt ready until like 3, and then another church meeting at 4, until 6, and it got out at 630, and dinner at 730 xD so we literally did like nothing... Me and Meren had to walk home in the rain after dinner xD we gave the sisters our ride home.

Monday- Well today was our pricemart run :) it was super cool. got all my foodand stuff :)

well hey... its been good. Im running out of time.. time is way too short, and it is always running out.. the last 22 months of my life have gone by so fast.. 4 more months and im home. ITs too crazy to be real! Im sogreatful for the experiences the Lord has given me.. and I still fault a lot of time.. Im going to continue working as hard as I can. although ive come to know the meaning of the scripture "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" haha :) but im doing great, and happy to be here. I will have a good change with Elder Knight :)

Love you all! have a great week!

Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9 - Happy Mother's Day #skype #ilovemymom

Whats up everybody? This week went great :) Same old same old of lots of walking.. butthe difference? I got to talk to my family on skype :) ofi :) shoutout to my 11 year old baby brother who made the high school varsity swim team. 

alright.. so. This week was dope. I said goodbye to my companion elder Totsch. Im going to miss the heck out of him- he was one of the best companions ive had in my mission. Good luck with life Totsch. Ill see you soon bro

BTW... honest truth... I didnt have time to write in my journal last week.. so this is going to be super undetailed.

Tuesday- Well... basically everything fell. so we walked a lot xD we still taught 3 lessons, but they were totally unplanned lewssons. 

Wednesday- wednesday we had mision leadership council :) it was great. I always love going.. even though we always lose all day every time xD

On wednesday the winter bugs attacked. holy crap. when it hits winter and starts raining, these huge ants that live underground come out becaue their houses get flooded, and they attack lights. There were thousands. and then overnight they all died. so there were dead bugs all over the place on thursday

Thursday- well.. really the same thing happened today that happened all the other days :) lots of walking and lots of things falling. oh well. We did meet this new less active named Elias. hes a dope college kid :)

Friday- Well.. i spent all morning making cinnamon rolls because as a zone we were obedient :) so we ate cinnamon rolls, talked about consejos, and then we egged and floured elder Totsch and Zamudio. poor guys.. haha!

Saturday- well.. we had a service in the morning, weeding a garden of Culantro )not cilantro) and then my comp skyped home, and we had a super dope dinner of cordon bleu and united states style

sunday- me and the elders took turns skyping :) it was fun

Monday- plans for today... make mint brownies :) ofi. Im going to make extra for the zone meeting on wednesday :)

anyways! I love you all! thanks for keeping up with my crazy life and checking in on me.. yall all take care, and remember the Lord always :)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 2 - well, English is spoken here

Well... its been an interesting week. As the majority of everything falls in our area, we are still working super hard to find those who are prepared of God. Its been a rough challenge, and we have seen positive people slowly turn negative, and people just be rude in general. Its definitely not easy in this patch of the Lords vineyard... but it hasnt been easy for me anywhere else either. so I just keep planting. 

Tuesday- Tuesday was cool. we basically had everything fall... We had a cool lesson witha lady named Oris. she was totally great listening.. but doesntparticlularly seem interested at all.. that was basically the highlight of the day. 

wednesday- We did sugerencias and went to a district meeting for the other district :) it was cool :) 

Thursday- highlight of the day.. well... we taught in english :) we totally found an investigator who is gringo and from florida (his grandma lives here, so he moved down here to teach english and get a degree) which was cool :) hes pretty positive. 

Friday- well... another day of mainly just walking and walking and walking. super fun xD we had to go help the sisters with something in their area, so that stole some time from us as well :P

Saturday- well.. we were too busy to go to soccer this week.. so we didnt go :P Everything fell again as well... we also went to 2 birthday parties, and didnt get cake at either one :( we had to leave too early to get the cake. it wasnt so bad though.

Sunday- Well... church was super nice. I love going to church :) i always feel good there. not to mention its the only 3 hours of my life when I dont have to be the one teaching xD 

we had lunch with the Guerra family. they are a cool family :) I love eating there.. they make us such great food :) later... a lot of walking... and then another birthday party. This time we got cake :)

Monday- well.. today we went to david for a multi-zone pday :) super fun. I played basketball in the first time in almost 2 years xD so crazy.  It was fun though :) I got to see all my David friends.

Well... thats it for this week. Thank you all for staying updated with the crazy life I have as a missionary. I hope you can all somewhat get a taste of what it is like to be a servant of the Lord through my emails and everything... I wouldnt trade my experiences for the world. :)

love you all! talk to you next week!