Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9 - Happy Mother's Day #skype #ilovemymom

Whats up everybody? This week went great :) Same old same old of lots of walking.. butthe difference? I got to talk to my family on skype :) ofi :) shoutout to my 11 year old baby brother who made the high school varsity swim team. 

alright.. so. This week was dope. I said goodbye to my companion elder Totsch. Im going to miss the heck out of him- he was one of the best companions ive had in my mission. Good luck with life Totsch. Ill see you soon bro

BTW... honest truth... I didnt have time to write in my journal last week.. so this is going to be super undetailed.

Tuesday- Well... basically everything fell. so we walked a lot xD we still taught 3 lessons, but they were totally unplanned lewssons. 

Wednesday- wednesday we had mision leadership council :) it was great. I always love going.. even though we always lose all day every time xD

On wednesday the winter bugs attacked. holy crap. when it hits winter and starts raining, these huge ants that live underground come out becaue their houses get flooded, and they attack lights. There were thousands. and then overnight they all died. so there were dead bugs all over the place on thursday

Thursday- well.. really the same thing happened today that happened all the other days :) lots of walking and lots of things falling. oh well. We did meet this new less active named Elias. hes a dope college kid :)

Friday- Well.. i spent all morning making cinnamon rolls because as a zone we were obedient :) so we ate cinnamon rolls, talked about consejos, and then we egged and floured elder Totsch and Zamudio. poor guys.. haha!

Saturday- well.. we had a service in the morning, weeding a garden of Culantro )not cilantro) and then my comp skyped home, and we had a super dope dinner of cordon bleu and united states style

sunday- me and the elders took turns skyping :) it was fun

Monday- plans for today... make mint brownies :) ofi. Im going to make extra for the zone meeting on wednesday :)

anyways! I love you all! thanks for keeping up with my crazy life and checking in on me.. yall all take care, and remember the Lord always :)

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