Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23

Well... this letter will summarize the last week of my life... Its becoming more real to me that there are fewer and fewer of these emails left ahead.. So im going to try and take advantage of the time I have left. Im racing against a clock now :P 

Tuesday- Tuesday.. was an interesting day. we had our district meeting in the morning, and then went to lunch. We are trying to encourage a less active kid to go on a mission.. but hes too involvd with vollyball. We told him to forget volleyball, and ask God. He told me, and I quote "I dont want to ask" why? "because God will tell me yes!" silly kid xD I see him going :) hes a good kid. 

the rest of the day was really just walking... 

Wednesday- We had Hno Lescano come pick us up to take us to his house for a service/lesson. Hi family lives super far away, so its easier if he picks us up, and he has to drop off/pick up the kids everyday. So he picks us up at 7, we help in his garden, teach, they feed us, and he takes us back at 12 to get his kids. W are going to start doing that every wednesday :) super cool. 

LAter, we had a family home evening with the Santos family :) they are such great people. and With the Quintero family :) theyre sogreat! :) 

Thursday- We hada leadership training meeting with carmack and the assistants :) it was super dope :) I lovd it. IT definitely put things in a different perspective for me. Me and my companion hav gotten some good ideas for leading thezone from it. we will see how well those things work out for us in the weeks that come. 

Friday- Friday we went SUPER far to Divala, and none of our lessons were home.. so we got on a bus, back to bugaba, and all the sudden it was 6pmxD 

Saturday- well... Saturday... we literally just walked. and walked. it sucked, but it was better than doing notheing xD We had a "family week" activity in the church that night at 6. it was cool :) We sang a hymn in english for the talent show :P

Suday- well. church is alway the highlight of my sundays. I love going to church and taking of the sacrament. today was particularly special because an investigator we dont even know showed up to church:) he lives in our area... his ex wife made him promise to go, and he liked it, so he is going to come every week :) 

All of our lessons fell this day... so We took advantage and decided to do a super dope planning to try andfix our area and making everything better :) 

that was pretty much my week though.. Its been good, and it went by way too fast. but things are going well, and Im doing the best that I can under the circumstances that Ive been given :) The only thing left that I can do is keep praying to have the Lords help. The Lord will always help us! We just have to keep acting and moving forward while we wait for hi s divine help

love you all! talk to you next week!

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