Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 2 - well, English is spoken here

Well... its been an interesting week. As the majority of everything falls in our area, we are still working super hard to find those who are prepared of God. Its been a rough challenge, and we have seen positive people slowly turn negative, and people just be rude in general. Its definitely not easy in this patch of the Lords vineyard... but it hasnt been easy for me anywhere else either. so I just keep planting. 

Tuesday- Tuesday was cool. we basically had everything fall... We had a cool lesson witha lady named Oris. she was totally great listening.. but doesntparticlularly seem interested at all.. that was basically the highlight of the day. 

wednesday- We did sugerencias and went to a district meeting for the other district :) it was cool :) 

Thursday- highlight of the day.. well... we taught in english :) we totally found an investigator who is gringo and from florida (his grandma lives here, so he moved down here to teach english and get a degree) which was cool :) hes pretty positive. 

Friday- well... another day of mainly just walking and walking and walking. super fun xD we had to go help the sisters with something in their area, so that stole some time from us as well :P

Saturday- well.. we were too busy to go to soccer this week.. so we didnt go :P Everything fell again as well... we also went to 2 birthday parties, and didnt get cake at either one :( we had to leave too early to get the cake. it wasnt so bad though.

Sunday- Well... church was super nice. I love going to church :) i always feel good there. not to mention its the only 3 hours of my life when I dont have to be the one teaching xD 

we had lunch with the Guerra family. they are a cool family :) I love eating there.. they make us such great food :) later... a lot of walking... and then another birthday party. This time we got cake :)

Monday- well.. today we went to david for a multi-zone pday :) super fun. I played basketball in the first time in almost 2 years xD so crazy.  It was fun though :) I got to see all my David friends.

Well... thats it for this week. Thank you all for staying updated with the crazy life I have as a missionary. I hope you can all somewhat get a taste of what it is like to be a servant of the Lord through my emails and everything... I wouldnt trade my experiences for the world. :)

love you all! talk to you next week!

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