Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 25 - Winter is Here

So there has been talk about a late winter this year.. but it looks like God knows better than meteorologists in a third world country :) winter has started :) this week we have had rain most every day- which means its only 80-90 degrees everyday. and at night it gets to like 75. I have to wear a jacket and blanket at night when its under 80... 

in other news.. Im sick again.. I have diahrea and intestinal tension again... so Im going to get anothr parasite check.. I had one 2 weeks ago, so maybe it didnt die or i got a new one... 

Anyways.-.. Jumping into my week :) 

Tuesday- It rained.. and I dont think its the rains fault, but all of our appointments fell. so we had... tnothing :P It was a great day though :) I felt good about the work we did. We also got a call from the old landlord of the sisters complaining that we needed to fix things... so we planned to replace the glass that morning. 

at night we found this cool guy named Marti. hes dope. He totally accepted a fecha and wants us to keep talking with him. Hes a cool guy.

Wednesday- We had our district meeting today :) Elder Meren asked me to teach, so I taught about keeping up passion for the work, and working through the hard times, becaue i think passion and stuff have been low. 

it was another day of plans falling... but still good :)

Thursday- not better... we helped the landlord of our house mix concrete and fill a hole for support beams so he can build a balcony between our house and the other elders.  We also made enchiladas for lunch :) 

Highlights of the day- We approached the door and yelled "buenas!!" and a lady watching tv looked over at us, and her husband came to the door, they saw us, and then resumed position in front of tv. Super rude xD rejections just make me laugh now.

second highlight... a dude smoking a cigarrette walked by us.. we were goin to contact him, but he pulled out his phone. I saw the screen. There was no phone call XD he just had the screen on to the lock screen xD tool. 

Friday- a good day. We had divisions and I went with Meren to his area :) they had some cool investigators and stuff :) theyre working hard 

Saturday- well... highlight of the day... we play soccer as a finding activity every saturday (lik 30 kids show up very saturday and we end up sharing a message at the end) It started raining during sccer this time... and... a lightning bolt fell! somewhere scarily close to the soccer field, and abve us it split into 2 and went around us. but both bolts fell within 50 feet. super scary. everybody came out alive. we stpped playing at that moment. 

Suday- well... walking to church at 845.. the branch president asked m to giv a talk xD so I gave a talk. my problem actually isnt preparing a talk.. its shortening it... especially if I dont have time to prepare it and be shorter. so my talk went longer than it should have. but its all good. 

We had a lesson with a cool guy named allan. he is a little.. sketchy but he wants to listen and change. 

we also talked to a family of a mom and her 3 daughters :) that was a ctually a super cool lesson. we put a fecha with 2 of them :) 

Monday- well... we got permission to go to... Cerro Punta :) so I have some dope photos :)

but anyways.. things are looking up. trunkiness is normal at this stage.. but havig psotive investigators helps SO MUCH.Working hard and things are going well :) I love you all! have a great week, and remembr the Lord in all things!

Elder Bradburn

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