Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 18 - Hitting the Pavement

well.. as the title states, we hit the pavement this week :) Not that we werent before, but I have really good with how hard we worked- even though we didnt see ALL The success we wanted, we had a great week and I feel good :) thigns are going great and we have been seeing miracles :) 

Tuesday- We had a zone meeting. It went pretty well :) We started divisions with Elder Moran and Elder Irias afterwards :) I had a great day with Elder Moran. We kind of ended up walking most of the day, but it was alright :) we found a nwe part of the area that Ive never been too, and adventured and conracted because the few lessons we had fell through. That night, we talked with Anothony, and he promised he would go to church (he didnt come, BTW) and then I had a GREAT burger for dinner :) 

wednesday- We fixed up the sisters old house because the old landlord was pissed with some of the stuff that was broken (most not our fault.. but to be good people we fixed it) and our landlord helped us fix a bunch of the stuff for the other house :) After, we went looking for Juan Carlos, but never found him. We totally got lost and didnt find him.. but we contacted abunch :) That night we cooked and had a family home evening with valory and lenny and their mom :) 

Thursday- we went early to help our landlord mix concrete and stuff to make a foundation for the second floor of a house on his farm :) progress is going quite well. We did weekly planning and studied after we got home.

It started POURING rain on us... we walked down to Itzels house, but she rejected us and made us talk to her dad.. who talks a lot and has some issues... but I think we had a good lesson with him :) I hope he progresses. Hes chritian, doesnt believe in the bible, but believes in reincarnation. 

We contacted another house, and while talking with a man out front, a teenager that I TOTALLY recognized walked out the house. The grandma of a family just died, so there is abunch of fmaily from all over in town. There was a family there that I know from Chorrera :) she asked for a blessing. It was a cool moment (and she gave us iced tea to drink.. but we didnt realize until after we drank it...)

We also had a campfire family home evening with a couple members and an investigator (english speakers only... 2 fluent latins, 1 gringo, 2 gringo missionaries, and 1 latin who is studying english) and it went pretty well :) 

Friday- Today was a dope day :) We walked way down to Bugabita abajo to teach a sweet lesson with a sweet catholic lady :) I think she is kind of positive, but I dont think its going to be her time yet to get baptized. 

It started pouring rain so we had to take a taxi to get our umbrellas fgrom the house...  

Totsch is starting to make me super trunky talking about marriage and stuff all the time xD im excited to get married.

Saturday- We had lunch by the house at 130.. so we walked super far, got lost, and walked back to lunch xD it was fun xD we got some contacts in though :) not a ton of positive people.. but is all good. gotta love getting lost in the backroads. 

We went looking for some appointments we had, and several fell (we think they were there and lied about not being the person... We had a cool lesson with a lady who we hadnt talked to before, but the lady wasnt home so she wanted to listen :) she basically  kept trying to terach over us but we finally got her tobe quiet and listen :) she lives super far away.. there are no missionaries that far :/ 

We had a lesson with Valory to invite her to baptism, but she said no :/ because she has some personal problems she cant tell us about.. so we are trying to gain her confidence and teach her that she can always repent and change and that obeying the commandments will make her happier :) 

We had a sick lesson with the kid from the campfire :) this time we swpoke spanish so he could understand and really focused on him. We taught him lesson 1. He is golden, and super interested. only problem... he has university EVERY SUNDAY FROM 8am until 2pm... dang it :( maybe it isnt his time... but maybe we can get him to drop out :P 

I also burned my 18 month páir of pants :) 

Sunday- We had church and stuff that was cool :) I love sundays :) Although, all of our lessons fell,We had a great lesson with an investigator that Ive gotten alog iwth really well :) his wife is mormon, but he is hardcore adventist, and wont let the kids go to mormon churchuntil they are 18 and can make the decision themselves.  but we are working on that :) they made us dinner.

Also... we have totally gained the confidence of President romans family :) I love that family soo much :) they are great people. We have helped solve a few.. problems in the branch :) and with their family. so things are going really well here :) 

I love things here!!! I had talked with president carmack about me staying here to finish my mission, and he said it was very possible, but it is the next mission presidents decision, so we will seewhat happens! I think these coming changes will effct that a lot... so on may  9th ill know if i might die here or not... But I hope I do :) asking the Lord, but in the end I want to do whatver he wnats most for me :) 

anways :) thats where we are at for today :) sorry I dont have more time to write a little more.. but I love yall

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