Friday, April 8, 2016

April 4

Well... Im not going to jump ahead... youre going to have to read the whole thing to figure out what miracles my week contains :)

Alright... starting off... I told everyone that I had changes!! Elder Totsch would come to be with me... and.... well. He came. He got here tuesday afternoon! and Carrillo left Tuesday night. So tuesday was really just a day of hellos and goodbyes.  We also helped the sisters move their house :) 

Wednesday- Elder Lau came and brought me a package, and we had our Zone Meeting. Me and Totsch feel that we need to focus on the members and working with the members... (something that Ive been itching to do here for a while) and so we started the change off with a new initiative for the zone... Everybody needs to have 7 lessons taught to active members every week.. to help strengthen the branch, our relationship with the branch, and to get refferrals. So that is what we focused on with the zone. We spent the day ( because I was sick) cleaning up the house, sweeping, mopping, etc :) so now we have a clean house.

Thursday- we had to plan for the week ahead, and the change, but then with the time left, we went and visited some people.. We went to do the first thing we had taught the zone- we went to find some members to set up family home evenings with. We got 4 family home evenings set up, and with like 3 or 4 referrals, and were able to teach a couple of lessons to the neighbors that live nearby :) I think this will be good.. It seems as if nobody has tried to work with the members here before..

we finished the night off with a famiy home evening at our branch presidents house :) it went pretty well. I really like our branch president.  we taught a lesson about relying on Christ and letting him be the center of our lives. 

Friday- well.. we had an appointment with the angry landlord of the sisters old house... so we went to have a meeting there with her (we jogged there) and we have to replace a few things in the house... but its all good. itll be fun replacing things :)

We spent the day walking a TON, but got what work we could done. The highlight, is that we had a lesson with the santo family ( a super cool recent convert family)

Saturday- well... CONFERENCE!!! conference was amazing :) My favorite talk of like ALL TIME was Elder Nelsons from Priesthood session... I think we as members took a lot of machetes.. there were a lot of talks about how we all need to shape up.. sounds like we are in the last days.. The home is no longer a place of refuge- The world has found its way in through cell phones and the internet.

well.. that was our whole day...

sunday- Sunday was super cool :) another amazing day of conference :) afterwards, we went to go have a family home evening, but the family wasnt about to do it. so we visited a few of the referrals that we had gotten, and I think those lessons went really well. the Lord has been preparing these people for a while. LAter, we found a less active kid who is super super positive- he went inactive over some youth girl drama.. but he says he will come to church on sunday :) that kid is super cool.

Later, we went to go talk to Carlos :) Basically... upon expressing our desire to leave with him.. He cleared his entire schedule on tuesday to be able to take us all day to meet less actives and friends of his.. super excited!!

Monday- well.. this morning we went to pricemart of buy food in bulk... I love pricemart :)

anyways.. that was more or less everything that happened to me this week :) Im a little short on time (trying to download all the conference talks from this weekend) so I love you all! Im greatful for this church, and for the modern day revelation that we recieve through apstles and prophets of the Lord on the earth today!

HAve a great week!

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