Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 11 - Miracles, Rocks and Parasites

Well.. this week has been great.. it has consisted of.. well... Miracles, rocks, and parasites :) all things that a good week on the mission needs :) As im sure you are all curious how these things all fit together... cue theme music...

Tuesday- Well.. we had planned to leave with Carlos Senn, and we though he would show us like a ton of less actives and stuff... which didnt happen.. but we filled the time finding a few people he knew, and some members who need some extra help :) We also had a great family home evening with the Bugante family about missionary work and why we need the members so much to help us. It was great- that family has already helped us a ton :)

Wednesday- It was kind... in ponga pues. It wasnt the best WORK day ever.. we had consejos. Which are great and all, but it kills most of our day from the area.. but its all good :) we spent the rest of the day contacting and setting family home evenings with members and less actives :) 

at 8:50 at night we were walking home (we have to be home at 9, unless a lesson runs late, at the latest 9:30) and a taxi pulls up and tells us "hey. I have a kid for you to talk to. Get in the taxi" and well.. we both felt ok with it so we got in. turns out that it was just a kid that really wants to learn english and practice, so his dad found 2 gringos walking home one night xD but its great because the kid is now a positive investigator.

Thursday- We went with San Jorge to his farm to help him dig some holes to build a two story floor :) it was super fun. We had another great day of working hard and stuff. Although we got stood up by several investigators that we knew were home... but oh well :) 

Friday- We had interviews with president carmack..which was GREAT!! I love talking with him. Also... I was feeling bad, and my comp took a parasite test, and came positive, so I decided to take one while waiting for president (being zone leaders we are held till last) and i came back positive too xD soo... that explains why ive been having cramps and stuff xD 

Saturday... We did divisions with Elder Meren and Lau :) I went with Lau. It was a great day :) We finished the day of in a family home evening.. thats when the Lord threw a rock at me. I feel like the lord has been throwing little pebbles at me asking me to work with members... or do little things for the members, andguiding me. But in that family home evening, he threw the whole rock at me. My eyes were opened to how much potential this branch has, and how much better things will be if I continue working with the members like im doing :) super exciting :) 

Sundy - We had a super busy day set up for today :) But it went GREAT :) we had a couple of investigators fall, but some other positives, and a bunch of future investigators that we contancted :) I swsera theLord just keeps HANDING people to us. I dont think any of our investigators have really been found by us,... the lord just has us in the right place at the right time for people to talk with us :) 

Anyways! thats why my week went :) Things are going great here, and Im looking forward for the coming week.l Although my time passes by WAY too wquicfkly, I love being here and Im so greatful for the time that I have to serve the Lord :)

love yall!

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