Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 28

well... just like the title says.. Its been a week full of illness. me and two other elders in the house have been taking turns being sick. its been an insane week xD Its also been the last week of the change :) changes should be reported today.. hopefully before I finish in internet ill be able to update this email with the changes...

anyways.. starting with my week :) 

Tuesday- We had a district meeting and an Elder Quintanilla goodbye party... it was the last time the whole zone would be together in one place so we said goodbye to Quinta.. it was actually really cool... but scared me a little in how close the end of the mission is... What must it feel like to be on his end of the goodbye party? Learning how he feels is closer than i would like it to be... The day then turned into an administrative day.. We had to print off some things and meet the sisters landlord again and a whole bunch of other stuff... we got done what we could though. 

Wednesday- Things have been getting a little... uhhh.. tight I guess? with changes coming up we are all having anxiety about getting split up I think.. I dont know how else to explain it :P Meren got upset with his companion and asked for emergency divisions.. so we did some divisions to give them both a break.. I think it was good. It was something needed for all of us, switching up the commpanionships a little bit for a day. 

Thursday... well my companion got the flu.. so we got stuck in the house :P 

Friday... Stuck in the house. But I got to go to a service activity for a member with Elder Alan :) that was super fun. and then in the house again xD 

Saturday... stuck in the house because Carrillo ws still sick and the nurses ordered another day of rest. I spent the day helping the Landlord fix things up aroud the property

Sunday- Well.. We went to church... and then I came down with diahrea and stomach pain. sucks :P Sooo... me and Meren stayed in the house together because he as well has diahrea and stomach pain xD we keep getting each other sick. We all just kind of take turns. I also took the oportunity to start making Better than... Sex cake for the goodbye party. 

monday- still not feeling well. We went up to the Landlords farm space to help burn trash and to see his property.. it was really pretty :)

Well... I still dont have changes yet so I guess yall will have to wait till next week to see if things have changed... one of the 4 elders of our house for sure is going to leave. So things will be different. Im just excited to see where the mission will take me next. This week (because Im about to complete 18 months in the mission) Ive been take count of the last 3/4 of my mission, and figuring out all the things I should have done better, so that I can put goals and improve myself a lot more for the last 1/4th. I want to be the best ever for these next 5 months. I want to make this time more dedicated to the Lord than it has been.. let him work more through me. This week is changes.... Itll be the CHANGE of my mission- not just companion. (if he even leaves)

everybody, keep on keepin on. Give it your all, no matter what you are doing. Be the best that you can be, and listen to the Lord. We all have a spectacular oportunity to listne to the Lords prohpets and apostles this wekend. I encourage everyone to attend or to listen to conference in the chapel, or in your homes, or whever you might find yourself. 

Love yall! have a great week!

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