Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 21

its been.. well. Like the name says, a strange week. 

Tuesday, I had to go to the city for immigrations. Since I was in San Blas, I wasnt able to get my residential ID, so they waited till my old one expired xD So we got on a 6am bus and got to airraijan to visit a family my comp knows, and they made us dinner :) we got to the city at like 9...

wednesday- well.... Immigrations. We got there at like 8am. It was nice to see all my friends again :) Broadhead. young, etc :) I was the oldest missioanry there for purpose of immigrations xD freak. Blas messed me up. It was a good day. We were going to go to the temple as well, but satan being satan.. held us back with traffic and we missed our session :/ 

Thursday- well... we took an 11pm bus last night and got here at 5 am.. and when i woke up at 9... I had pain in my throat... and upon checking... I was sure i had strep. so i went to the doc... he ordered a day of rest and 3 days of shots. crap. Elder Meren also had strep.. so we hung out together all day.

Friday- Well.. we kind of started saying goodbye to people with my comp... if he has changes he will leave in a little over a week, and some of our investigators work 1 week on and 1 off.. so it was his last chance to see some of them. at 5pm.. we went to help the sisters sign the contract for their new house :) their new house is super pretty 

Saturday- There was a service this morning, and me and Meren didnt feel well enough to go. so... carrillo and alan went ahead, and me and meren got our shots, and then spent another day working together. we talked to a couple of investigators, and we went and talked to our branch president. The first time we have been able to visit him in his house. My goal for the next change is to focus on the members... we cant do anything if we dont have the help of the members. yall are more important in each area than the missionaries are. Our Landlord also made us Kabobs and hot dogs for dinner, and MADE a ping pong table and we had a ping pong night with him xD it was super fun. 

Sunday- It was... a decent day. I wasnt feeling well so we only stayed for Sacrament and stunday school... one of the members told me they didnt want me getting everyone ssick :P so we went home and rested before we went to lunch. We went to lunch with Hno. Guerra. it was cool :) that family doesnt like the missionaries much but im trying to gain their confidence :) Later, there was a family history activity in the church that the asked for our help in, because I had expereince indexing. however... they didnt really need our help so it was kind of a waste of time. but oh well :)

Monday- We went to go print photos and spend some time with the elders who live with us.. it was pretty cool.  Its been a good day:)

But those are the experiences of my week. Things are craqzy, but Im doing the best that I can do given the circumstances. Im on the home run stretch, and I want to run in well- home plate is the one that you cant steal in baseball.. I need to run this one better than the rest- I cant just jog in. I need to sprint to the end- even though im tired. its like the lat leg of a race. youre tired, but the pace you keep in the end is more important than what you put in in the beginning. The lord is carrying me through, and im working hard for him. Trying to do everything to the best of my ability- I good principal to apply for the rest of my life- Finish what you start, and do the best that you can ALWAYS. Im thankful to be a missioanry :) Im thankful to serve the Lord, and Im looking forward to seeing what the lord has in store for the last leg of my mission

Talk to yall next week!
Elder Bradburn


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