Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 14

well... I think the title of this email basically summarizes my week this week. the life of a zone leader is definitely stressful. although Im glad to be able to serve and help the missionaries in my zone- even though im not the best, i do my best. 

Lets start of the summary of my week-

Tuesday- well.. we had district meeting.. which started late.. as always.  and then afterwards, the sisters needed help with their house. soooo.... we went to their house. They have been having problems with their landlord so theyre going to move out... so we helped them talk to their landlord and get everything figured out. we also took a mattress from their house (they had an extra) but.-.. we had to carry it home. so we carried it like 20 minutes xD we took a video xD I went on divisions with Elder Irias. we werent able to get much done because most of the day was over but.. oh well. we visited one family and we talked to some members. 

Wednesday- Zone Conference!!! President Carmack came :) it was great. afterwards, president promised me an interview. but... I had to wait till 6pm for the interview, an then its 45 minutes in bus to get back home... so we lost another day but I got to have an interview with president :) He interviews all the missionaries every 3 months, but I havent been interviewed sine October becaue I was in Blas. but talking to president helped me a lot :) 

after, we had to help the sisters with their house. AGAIN. We also gave a sister a blessing  because she has to go home early for health, so she wanted a blessing. aand that ended our day. 

Thursday- We did weekly planning. which killed a huge chunk of time as well. We had a lesson with the Cortez family. we got there at 6. it was kind of... interesting. the womans mom came and she started telling us like that she couldnt read the BOM or anything unless she had permission from her pastor.. and we just talked circles for hours. We were stuck because they also happen to feed us dinner :P it was one of the most frustrating lessons of my misión. but it was alright. they a great fcamily- as you can see by the fact that they arent even members and give us dinner. 

Friday- well. today... all of our appointments fell, and it was 105 degrees and we were tired and frustrated. so we sat and talked for a while. at 4pm, we had an appointment with the landlord of the house the sisters want to move into, to approve the house. it took like 1 hour to walk over there, and the landlord was late. 

after, we went down to contact out a part of our área. it went pretty well, but nothing impressive of great really happened. 

Saturday- It was a decent day. we went to lunch and there was a liquidation sale next door, so we stoped by real quick to see what they had. I bought a bowflex scale, and clock with thermometer, and a measuring cup set (the only thing that has been holding me back from cooking) 

after, we went to talk to valory and lenny :) there mom (less active) decided to join us today :) which cool and nice. I cold tell by the look in her eyes and talking with her that she really misses coming to church. has to work on sundays. 

afwards, we went to play soccer at the chapel with a group of investigators that have been coming. This time we had like 15 investigators show up! it was great :) we taught a lesson at the end and everything. 

that night, with my new measuring cups, I made no bake cookies :) 

Sunday- well... due to the clock with thermometer... I discovered that when I wake up freezing cold at night, its 80 degrees Fahrenheit... im going to die in the states. 

church went really well :) I got to bless the sacrament :) I love doing that. 

after church we went to Virginia 4... but.. well.. there was no success there. our only lesson was with a family of members (the wife is less active for health problem) she was having some anti missionary feelings, so im glad we were able to go. She was getting mad at me for things past missionaries have done and calling is children.. so I interrupted her and asked if we could sing and say a prayer and keep talking. In the hymn she started crying and things were calm afterwards. I appologized for the past mistakes of missionaries, and promised her I would be true to my Word and do the best I could in my time here, and then we shared a message with them, and it ended really well.

Monday- well. this morning we went to  the Border of costa rica. which was sweet. but hey they are closing internet so im going to start sending potos now. Love yall! Thanks for keeping up with my crazy life :)

-Elder Bradburn
-El Fulo (the light skinned one)

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