Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 7

Well... nothing particularly special happened this week. we went to volcan for pday (ill talk more about that later) and that was really the only special thing.. OH we also had mission leadership council on wednesday:)

Tuesday- the highlight of tuesday was our lesson with Valory. Shes progressing very well, and is going to get patized in 2 weeks with her little brother. (shes 18 andhes 14) In the lesson she called my companion fat like 3 times xD so Carrillo has decided to put us on a diet xD poor guy. 

wednesday-  well.. wednesday was consejos... so we basically lost our whole day to that :P we had to be in the David chapel (40 minutes away)  at 9am, and it didnt end till like 2, and then lunch and clean up after that. but oh well :P Consejos was good. They hit obedience hard, as we are having some struggles right now in the mission. 

Thursday- We had a Zone Meeting to talk about Consejos. It went pretty well :P I talked about obedience 

friday- xWe had a sister missionary that was sick so she asked us to accompany her to the hospitalin David. we lost a huge chunk of the day, but I think we supported her pretty well. so it wasnt a waste of time. 

Saturday- we had a service with an investigator :) we helped mix concrete and pour it for adriveway. super hardwork but super fun :) it was great. 

Sunday- Sunday was a good day :) we had a really cool broadcast forcentreal america that was really good :) although i left my agenda in the bunker (the place where theccomputer is, and we dont have the key) so thats why7 im not able to be so detailed in this email xD 

We went to Volcan to do a branch rfescue (visit all the lesss actives and stuff there) and it went well :) volcan is super cold! I had to wear a hoodie for the first time in mymission while walking around outside. super  crazy! 

Monday- we had out pday in volcan (we spent the night) and played soccer all day together :) supert fun. 

Tonight we have a lessson anddinner :)

well. Im doing really well :) things are going well here, and always getting better :) Im exciting to see what happens the last 6 months of my mission, the last 6 months I want to be proud of. Im trying me best to be the best that I can for the Lord :) 

 thats basically my week this week. orry im running out of time! Love yall! talk to yall next week

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