Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16 - new companion (4 months left)

soooo... I got anew comp :) not a surprise to anyone :P Totsch had to go. Shout out to Brother Totsch! Love you bro! ill miss you.

Anyways. its been a good week adjusting to my new companion, Elder Knight (from Idaho).  We have been getting along pretty well :) 

Tuesday- well, me and almendarez were on divisions until our comps showed up. we had a service with the Guerra family :) it was a cool service, but it knocked out a huge chunk of the day.  

   We had a cool lesson with a Jehova Witness dude. it wa interesting.. Hes the only JW ive met that is actually open to litening to us. maybe thats a sign... 

Wednesday- My comp got here at like... 6am. Poor kid slept all night in the bus.. I was excited to see him though.. time to hit the ground running with my new comp :)

(in just a couple weeks I will complete one year without a latin comp.. holy cow)

 Thursday- We did our weekly planning, and we went to go talk to the Lescano family :) theyre so dope (where we did the service on saturday last week) and they gave us lunch :) and then Hna Samudio gave us lunch. And then Bryan gave us dinner, and then the other Flia Samudio gave us dinner xD all within like 7 hours. freak. Night also got an ingrown toenail... ouch.

Friday- Sooo... we have a tradition of always going to Taurus on Thursday after weekly planning. BUT- we couldnt yesterday, so the 4 of us went today :) dope. we have to order something different every time we go. 

We spent the day in Divala, an ├írea where we dont have very many investigators, because itssuper far away.  We also caused aroadblock... a group of girls stopped in the middle of the road and waited for us to walk by so that they could speak to us in englih xD stupid teenage girls. 

Saturday- We had a service with the Sisters branch president :) it was cool. we helped him dig out a huge hole to bury a bunch of rocks, and then we had to carry a bunch of dirt in wheelbarrow to cover it all and raise the level of the ground (so he could build an annex to his house)

Sunday- well.. it was a day full of just meetings.. it sucked. we had church like normal, lunch at 1, that wasnt ready until like 3, and then another church meeting at 4, until 6, and it got out at 630, and dinner at 730 xD so we literally did like nothing... Me and Meren had to walk home in the rain after dinner xD we gave the sisters our ride home.

Monday- Well today was our pricemart run :) it was super cool. got all my foodand stuff :)

well hey... its been good. Im running out of time.. time is way too short, and it is always running out.. the last 22 months of my life have gone by so fast.. 4 more months and im home. ITs too crazy to be real! Im sogreatful for the experiences the Lord has given me.. and I still fault a lot of time.. Im going to continue working as hard as I can. although ive come to know the meaning of the scripture "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" haha :) but im doing great, and happy to be here. I will have a good change with Elder Knight :)

Love you all! have a great week!

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