Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 28

Its been a good (And lonely) Christmas XD I love the christmas season but I just couldnt get into the spirit this year without family. Timo wasnt feeling it either since his family is currently in the city too. so we just kinda hung out with him this week.

Tuesday- Tuesday my companion wasnt feeling so well. He decided he was ok to work, so we started working a little bit, but he started feeling bad again so we went in earlier. When hanging out in the house, Timo invited me to play uno with him and his family (and thus started the card game tradition)

Wednesday-  my companion didnt feel well enough to leave, so we stayed home again, and I played cards all day. 

Thursday- Christmas Eve!! We were going to try and work, but my companion didnt feel well, and Timo wanted some company.

We were asked to help someone in the morning to build a grave. The people here, build houses to put on top of the grave, so we helped gather and carry the materials to build the house with. it was great, and hard work. My companion wasnt able to help a ton.

Friday- Christmas!!! well... Talked with my family! And...We had a Christmas party and it went well. We had a lot of less actives who have been missing for a while there (the majority also showed up on sunday)

Saturday- Well.. we started working again, and my companion started  feeling bad again so we only taught a couple of lessons and went home again.

Sunday- Hoeft was feeling really bad. He woke me up at 5am with severe stomach pain and diahrea. sooo... we went straight to the doctors house to wake her up. We were in the clinic and he got an IV, but we missed church, sadly, and we were the speakers, and 2 of 4 priesthood holders on the island right now. 

So obviously... we took the day tranquilo again. A few members came by to see how my companion was doing, and apparently church went well even without us there :) which is good.

Monday- Well... With the sickness and being in the house a lot, the house has gotten messy. So I spent my morning cleaning, sweeping, pulling weeds, washing dishes, etc.  until it was time to take Hoeft to the clinic again. Hes feeling a LOT better now, and i  think we will end up going to work tomorrow :) pray for health for us :)

Well. That pretty much explains our last week. There has been a lot of illness out here, and other issues, but the zone is working through it all, and everybody is still happy and loves to be here. I never get any complaints from anyone here- I have to draw it out of them to figure out if they are sick. I love being here :) I love my island and being a missionary here. Im just excited to start being able to work again :) A working missionary is a happy missionary. Although ive been kept busy with other administrative things since Ive been in the house.

anyways- the Bradburn rant is over.
 I love you all! Remember to pray and read your scriptures. Obey the commandments. Let the spirit light up your life :) 

Elder Bradburn
Machi Senigua
Tule Bander

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