Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 7

This has been a pretty good week. Things are a little stressful, and we have had illnesses in the zone ( including my companion) but we are working through it all :) This week has also been rough because all the youth left the island for summer vacation :/ they all go to Panama for vacations to hang out. So we lost all of our deacons teachers and priests, and also 4 positive investigators. So, the area is a little rough right now. but its whatever :) we are working hard and loving it :)

Tuesday-  the Elders of Ukupa showed up this morning at our house, on their way to Ustupu. They had to go and teach the area to the sisters. Today was mainly a day to unpack for Elder Hoeft, and we had to run some errands for Timo.

Wednesday- Straight day of work! yay :) it went pretty well. Me and Hoeft are getting along really well, and we actually teach pretty well together. Im happy for that :) We found out that one of our investigators, Cerezo, isnt married to his wife. So we have to figure that out so he can get baptized. but he is a boss :)

We helped another investigator, Nigga, put some leaves on his house for his roof. He also asked us to go help him next week to go search for more leaves in the jungle, because he needs people to carry them for him :) Who is always willing to help?? the mergimala (the gringos)

Thursday- CONSEJOS!!!! freaking christmas miracle. We got Mission Leadership Council to work over skype. San Blas has not participated in Consejo for over 8 months. and we now have participated :) It was great. I was even able to make some comments, eve nthough the connection was bad. but it was nice :) ALSOOO happy birthday mom :) Love ya! I was going to attatch a video but my camera is broken.. sorry :)

also, Nigga sent us some fish for helping him out :) hes a great guy. 

Friday-  Elder Hoeft got sick :/ so we spent the day in the house. we got to talk and get to know each other a lot better :) which is always good

Saturday- We went with Igwa to his Yuca farm in the jungle :) that was fun. He gave us some yuca to take home and we ate fried yuca for dinner :) Elder Hoeft accdentally forget the bag of yuca that he was supposed to carry xD and me and igwa didnt notice.. poor elder Hoeft. 

Our plans for the rest of the day fell, but we had a few impromput lessons with some new investigators :) we were looking for a ponga so we went to the lady who is the ponga lady, and decided to teach her :) it was a pretty positive lesson :) m excited to keep teaching her

Sunday- Sunday was alright. Hoeft starting feeling sick again, so we took it slow. 

Monday- Wellllllllll we went with domi to his private island. Hes a less active member. We helped him clean it all up and make it look pretty so he can get permission to start using it as a tourist island. I have to say me and Hoeft did a good job :) annnd.. my camera fell in the ocean... I was taking a selfie on the beach, and a wave came and i slipped and fell in with my camera :( dang it. its not sitting in a bag of rice in the house.. hopefully it dries out...

anyways. Life out here is going well :) things are a little stressfull, training elder Hoeft in Blas AND training him as a Zone Leader, but things are going well :) im excited for th rest of this change to come :) Next monday, the assistants are coming so we wont write until tuesdasy or wednesday (or maybe sunday) so we will talk to yall later!

Keep the Faith!
Merry Christmas.... Christmas is a hard spirit to catch on a hot tropical island xD

Elder Bradburn

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