Saturday, December 26, 2015

December 21

Well.. this week has been a little bit eventful..

Monday- All the missionaries came for Zone Conference :) It was pretty
fun. The assistants brought us pizza and The Cokeville Miracle. That
was a really really good movie. It made me cry :) I encourage all of
you to see it :) I would have to say it was one of my favorite church
movies, and it was really well done.

The Conference itself went pretty well :)

Tuesday- All the missionaries left, except for the assistants to do
Divisions with us. (we also recieved Hna Bean to our airport and saw
off Hna Anderson... Hope youre doing well at home Sister Anderson!!)

Me and Elder Machado went to the Jungle to help Timo in his farm :) It
went pretty well out there. The day with the Assistants went pretty
well. Although the day ended at 5..... Silahs from another community
came, so it was manditory congress for everyone, Tuesday through
Thursday. We actually had to go too. It was really really interesting.
President Martinez (branch president of nargana) translated for us :)
It was pretty cool. I actually enjoyed it :)

Wednesday. Well.. we were asked for help from an old investigator,
Miguel, to help him carry his canoe out of the jungle. The was they
make their canoes, the chop down a tree in their farm, and carve it
out, and then you have to pull it to the nearest river. It took 8 men
(including us) 3 hours of pulling to make it all the way to the river
xD im guessing it was just about a mile. and later, we worked for the
time left, and went to congress again

Thursday- We did Divisions with Ukupa :) Things went pretty well. I
hung out here with Elder Mann, and we worked pretty hard throughout
the day :) It was actually pretty nice.  We also went to congress
again :)

Friday- We went to the jungle again to help Lucio out there :) We also
practiced some things we learned in congress- They taught how to be a
good son-in-law (helping your father in law, walking in front and
cutting down things to obstruct the path so he doesnt have to, etc)

When we ended divisions, my companion started feeling sick, so we took
his temperature, and he had a fever of 104! so we when straight to the
clinic on the island. They think he either has Zika or Dengue
(probably Zika) and so that killed our next couple of days. Poor kid
was miserable. He started feeling better yesterday (sunday).

We didnt even go to church so we didnt get the members sick- its a
mosquito born illness and the church is on the coast- lots of

Monday- well. today we spent chilling out :) its been a good day.

Anways. Sorry to be so uquick. I feel like ive been running short on
time ever since I was put here in Playon :P there is just so much more
to write about now xD Im doing well here :) Me and Hoeft get along
great and we are working as hard as we can, amid the illness.

anways. Yall have a good week! love yall! Merry Christmas!!

-Elder Bradburn

P.S. Remember Christ in the  Christmas Season. We are showing people
Alma 7:10-14. It talks about Christ and his birth, and the suffering
he went threw for us. We are also inviting everyone to think of a gift
they can give back to the Savior- to show our gratitude for what he
gave us (using his atonement, following the commandments, improving.)

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