Friday, December 4, 2015

November 30

Well, Im quoting my old companion Elder Perkes on this one. As Guna
Yala Zone Leaders, we live 5 weeks in paradise, and 1 week in hell, to
make our 6 week change. and that was particularly true. Even though it
was thanksgiving xD I hada very humble thanksgiving. Ill get into that
a little further down in this email

Tuesday- Well.. Tuesday. Tuesday was a rough day. It was the day
Perkes said goodbye to everyone. We still didnt have changes, but
president said it was sure enough that he should pack and say goodbye
to everyone. so we went around saying goodbye.. several people cried,
and i almost cried too. These people are amazing. Im never leaving. I

Wednesday- We flew in to the city. I didnt have my passport or my
panamanian ID, but they let me through anyways xD silly people. but
whatever. We couldnt do anything because we still didnt know changes,
so we couldnt buy anything. Because.. at this point, rumor had it that
we were getting Hermanas in the zone again... and they have different
purchasing needs. So we sat around and didnt do much.. it was a waste
of a day

Thursday- We found out changes at like 1 pm. so it ate away most of
our day waiting for that. The rumors were true... Elder Mann got
pulled out of Ustupu, and Hermana Anderson went back. Her companion is
Sister McGowan :). Elder Barker and Perkes also left. My new companion
is Elder Hoeft :) We shared an apartment in the MTC so we already know
each other pretty well. Hes a great guy.

we started buying everything today. We just went to pricemart and let
the sisters run off on their own xD

Thursday night, a family invited us over for tacos xD its a reminder
for them every thanksgiving of their humble beginnings. Their first
thanksgiving as a couple they had no money, and threw together
thanksgiving dinner  from what few things they found in the fridge.

Later, i bought myself egg nog and ice cream xD my city trip tradition

Friday- We finished shopping, and I confirmed our travel plans for
Saturday . More stressful time trying to prepare everything and pack
everything to go. I went to bed at around 3am, and woke up at 445 for
the car.

Saturday- 445am  We got everything ready, but our car didnt show up
until 630. WAY TOO LATE. its a 3-4 hour drive to the port, and all the
boats leave by 9 or 930. We got there, and couldnt find a boat. So,
luckily I know the port workers pretty well, they offered to let us
leave our stuff in the office and give us a ride over to Carti, to
spend the night. So we all just got screwed xD it was fun though. We
had a pancake hot chocolate party, just the elders, the sisters had to
figure out their own party xD

I was able to confirm pongas for everyone (we all had to take separate
pongas, because there wasnt enough space on one ponga for everyone...
I also set up a deal with certain ponga drivers to take the food for
certain elders every 6 weeks.. for example- Etilio and his boat from
tikantiki, will take food for us to nargana and tikantiki every

Sunday- we got to port early, and everyone got to their areas safely.
We all showed up too late for church though...  We bought a new stove,
that was a lot hotter than the other, and my oil caught on fire :/ so
we had a scary oil fire but everything turned out alright in the end.
Our branch president got burned though :/ poor guy

But ya. thats my crazy week xD 5 weeks of paradise, now starting :) I
hope I stay here for a while. I love it here, and I love this people.
This has been a great privilege for me, serving the Lord here. I could
have never asked for a better experience on my mission. Anyways.. Im
out of time :) so ima let Elder Hoeft write now.. and im going to sing
with my new english hymn book :)

Love yall :) take care!

Elder Bradburn
Machi Siniqua

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