Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 14 - Christmas season

Things are starting to get Christmasy out here :) I was already
starting to feel the Christmas spirit, but now there are decorations
and christmas hymns being sung by all, all over the island :) Its
great :) Still nothing like back home, but Im getting a new christmas
experience out here.

Tuesday- well... Just about everything fell today. I got a little bit
frustrated. We talked to just a few people, but nobody was home. So we
went wandering the island and contacting people and got rejected by
basically everyone xD but whatever. I love this island, and the people
inside of it. Im going to keep working my hardest :)

Wednesday- Talking to Timo and Ultiminio in the morning, I got a
little bit emotional and upset about people not listening to us. As
Geoffrey R Holland says in "Missionary Work and the Atonement" - "This
is the truth, isnt it? Why do the people reject it? Why do the reject
us?" Timo told me that on our small island, there are 7 churches. And
everybody is set in stone to their church. Theyre like political
groups, and if they start investigating another, they get kicked out
of the group. So nobody wants to try any other churches. Nobody from
other churches even want to talk to us- Some lady told us that she
couldnt talk to us anymore because the members of her church started
talking bad about her.

So, we are just trying to march along and preach the gospel of christ.
Even though we keep getting rejected. I dont even care about trying to
convert people necesarily to our church- I want to bring these people
closer to Christ. To help them see his goodness and doctrine. Maybe
then some of the vain traditions will start to go away, and these
people will start to understand.

Thursday- We started divisions with Tikantiki. Bush came to be with
me, and Hoeft went to be with Nelson in Tikantiki. It was a great time
being with Bush. the only problem is that to do divisions i have to
stay alone for a while.. the boats pass by at 6 to get my comp, and
then drop off bush at 2PM. so im left alone for a good chunk of time.
But its alright. I hung out with Timo while I waited :) We got to
work, but it was a slow day, because of the travel and everything.

Friday- We went to the jungle with Timos brother-in-law, to help him
gather coconuts in Timo`s farm. This farm is SUPER Far away. we had to
walk  over an hour to get there, we left at 8, got there at like 9:15,
and worked till noon, and got home at like 130ish. It was soooo tiring
xD We talked to Nigga, and gave him a Book of Mormon :) that was super

Saturday- Welllll I hung out by myself again to finish divisions. My
companion got back, and he was miserable from the travel, so we had
another slow going day. Timo needed some help with thigns, so we
helped him out as well.

We talked to Cerezo about missionary work, and he had a few good
questions about different things. I love that guy :) Hes started
coming to church a lot :)

We also talked to Eustolio. Im super proud of him. He out of nowhere
went super inactive, and now he is coming back :) hes started being
the same old man that I used to know :)

Sunday- Well.. today we came out to church, and helped gets things
ready. After church, we stayed to help save all the tithing and fast
offerings for the last 6 months into the computer xD boring but fun.

Anways. Im emailing today, because tomorrow we have Zone Conference,
so I wont be able to write tomorrow. Im excited for it :) we are going
to get to see The Cokeville Miracle with the zone :) Conference will
be great :) itll be great to see everyoe :)

So I will let yall know how conference goes tomorrow :) Love you all.
I gotta get going so we have lessons and stuff tonight :) so yall take
care and ill talk to you next week :)

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