Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

***Dad preface: we heard from Blake after he sent this email and he was not transferred. He's staying in Playon Chico.***

Well... this week has been full of new years, drunk people, Chicha Fuerte, and Gravedigging. Its been a good week, and changes come this week. We are headed to the city and I might not be coming back from this one. We wont find out till tonight, but changes should be finished tonight. So next week I could be emailing from somewhere other than Playon Chico.. Ill keep yall updated.

Tuesday- Well.. Tuesday was a decent day. We started off going to the Monte with Ultiminio. We had a good talk with him while we were out there. Ive seen a lot of progress in that man since I got here. Hes coming back to church and was talking about how important the church is in his life the whole time we were out there. 

Later we went on a few visits, but nothing that showed too much interest. My companion wasnt feeling super well so we came home a little bit early.

Wednesday- Consejos!! Consejos were great :) We were actually able to participate again. Thats always nice :) We also downloaded all the existing mormon messages onto my ipod :) They raised the internet speed for consejos so we were able to actually get some stuff done on the computer as well :)

We later worked as hard as we could in the time that we had left. It was a decent day. 

Thursday- We could a really solid day of work in :) Celestiano was here so we took him around with his all day. We tried to teach Alsiviades The Restoration (we have been teaching him for a month now... hes an ex catholic father) and he got very very upset during the lesson. I really like him, so I think as long as Im here we are still going to teach him, but we probably wont touch the Restoration again. It was a little upsetting how hostile he got about it, but as soon as we ended he was super friendly again. We are still good friends :) 

Friday- NEW YEARS!!!! welll..... Someone died a couple of days ago... soooo... Igua, the profesional grave digger, and our close friend, asked us to help him. So we did. That was the hardest work I have ever done in my life. for 6 hours (starting at 530am and ending at 1130) 4 of us took turns picking the dirt, and then shoveling. shoot. Today is monday and Im STILL sore. 

When we came back from digging.... we came back to our find uh... well. Chicha Fuerte. Ive explained about it before, but its a little rough going through it. So many people that Ive come to love and care about were so drunk they couldnt even walk. Just everybody. (well... the majority. none of the active members drank) The evil traditions of their Fathers. For this ceremony, they make their own fermented Sugar Cane. The believe that for every glass the drink, they are adding to the treasure that they will receive in heaven. And they believe that those who dont drink, wont be allowed into heaven after they die. 

so we just took a bunch of the members over to the chapel and watched some church movies :)

Saturday- We got a super super solid day of work in :) I loved it. The first time in a while where we have gotten a complete full day of work in :) We talked with Dini, and we have been trying to make progress with him for sooo long. Every time we talk he tells us "ya elders. we are going to church sunday. promise" and doesnt show up. But this time he seemed sincere. He said that he had a dream that the island was sinking (a symbol of the inicuity of our island) and that a boat came, and it came only to save the members. Timo (the branch president) invited him to get on, and to be saved. and Him and has family ran to it, and it started to move away, and he handed his children and wife onto the boat, and was able to jump on at the last second.

He DID Show up on sunday :) 

Sunday- We mainly just planned the city trip, finished out food lists, and took it easy taking numbers. 

Monday- well... today... we will find out changes. tomorrow we go to the city, and Friday... we? come back. I hope.

Anyyyyways. I love you all. And thank you all for keeping up with me and my life. I hope you can all see through the events taking place in my life as a missionary, that you can see my testimony in this work, and in the Savior Jesus Christ. That you can see, through my eyes, the change that I see in the lives of the people who accept him, and who grow through this knowledge. 

Yall take care in this coming week! There could be some major changes this week... 

Elder Bradburn
MAchi Senigua
Tule Bander

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