Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 19

well.. This has been a little bit of a crazy week. I remember thinking
on monday night that I just wanted a normal day to study, and have a
normal schedule. Sooo of course...

also... as the Zone Leaders.. we have taken roll of the people who
hound the branches and missionaries to get reports in (like the
tithing adjustments for the year) because there are things way over
due out here. So we have been super busy doing all that.

Tuesday- We went to go running on tuesday morning, and when we were on
our way back home, we had to pass by the airport. I know the lady who
works there, so she called us over to let me know that they had... 11
boxes sent to the church. She also told me that it was going to cost
$100. I was super pissed with whoever sent the boxes- they know they
need to pay for those things!!! there isnt enough por supuesto....
uhm.... what is that in English? like.. the branch frunding money for
stuff. So i made phone calls to figure it out and stuff. So we
decieded we would pay for it and the church would pay us back in the
city next month. soooooo..... i later found out the lady was just
teasing. Even though I asked her if that was serious or not like 5
times she told me yes xD that it was serious.

Anyways. We got all the supplies for the year :) new hymn books, etc.

Wednesday- We went to the monte with Ultiminio, which was super fun ad cool :)

We worked as hard as we could. We went out and talked with everyone
that we could :) but as usual, this area is hard.

Thursday- Irgandi showed up in the morning to send some reports to the
cuhrch with their branch president, but upon arriving i told them that
they couldnt- they have to do it on their own machine. so they
basically wasted a day in travel...  and distracted us xD

We had a family home evening that night with Ibdi and all the people
who live with us :) and the neithobrs. it went pretty well :) it was
exciting. Their first family home evening :) we taught them how to do
it. It went super well.

Friday- We went on invasions :) I went to Tikantiki, and my companion
went to Carti (carti is further away, you pass tikantiki to get htere)
So I worked the day with Tikantiki. They are doing alright... theyre
great missionaries :) Elder Taylor and Elder Nelson. We worked a good
hard day out there.

Saturday- Well... the ponga was supposed to come and get us, but they
couldnt. SOOO they called another ponga to pass by to get us. but
hoeft didnt have a phone, so when the ponga passed, he didnt get one
it because he thought he was waiting for a specific ponga (One of the
rules of travel here... you NEVER wait for a specific ponga.. get on
whatever passes first) but I got on the ponga anyways.. I wanted to
try and do something in my area.

When I finally got things worked out for a companion to come out with
me, someones house caught fire on the island (quick history lesson...
in the past 5 years my island has burned down twice. the whole island
is close together and the houses are made of very flamable materials)
so I sprinted and helped carry water to put it out. At some point i
got separated from the member companion. So we put the fire out, and I
just walked home to study xD Turns out that someone left their kitchen
and a fire started and caught their roof on fire. The only injury, ws
one of the teenagers who climbed the roof to poor water on it. He fell
and got knocked out. But toher than that, all is well. only like half
of their roof burned down.

Sunday- Well... I went to church alone.. or I thought I did xD turns
out my comp showed up on a ponga literally as I passed the dock to go
to the church. Soooo we went to church. Our branch presidency wasnt
there, soooo the elders quorum president just decided to get the
sacrament done, and then ended church. shortest church ive ever been

We had to get everybody travel to zone conference, and collect
numbers, but there was no phone service. Sooo we prayed hard. We got
phone service back, got the pongas, and then realized that the sisters
ponga wouldnt answer the phone. sooo... we found someone who has
family who lives on the island that the motorist is from. So we got
ahold of them, let everyone know travel, collected and reported
numbers, and then phone service died again :)

Monday- well.. our ponga failed. They didnt leave until 12 (I wish the
elders would have just gotten on a different ponga... they are
supposed to leave at 9) so we didnt get all the missionaries until

so while waiting... we got a pick up game of basketball going with us,
the gringos, against the tules. 5 v 5. it got super violent xD it was
fun. 4 of us played without shoes.... so the 4 of us... have blisters
on our feet... and I have it the worst. its huge and i cant walk
anymore xD i dont think Ill be able to do much missionary workl. Also,
while playing, im pretty sure i almost dislocted my shoulder... it
still hurts. I have a doctors appointment set for the next time i go
into the city.

LAter, conference went well.  I am really happy with the way that our
meetings turn out :) My favorite part is doing Zone Council. getting
everybody together to talk. Especially because things are different
out here, it helps to get together and hear the opinions of everyone

Tuesday- Well.. today... the sisters, and irgandi and ukupa, didnt get
aride off the island because the ocean is really angry and big right
now. it rose a ton over night...

anyways. thats where we are at! We are up for a week full of divisions
:) This next couple of days im with Elder Wrigley :) I love this kid

anyways. Im doing great :) I just cant exercise xD I woke up at 5am
this morning, realized I couldnt do cardio because of my foot, and
then open getting out of my hammock, I realized that my shoulder
wouldnt let me lift weights either. Hoping to get back to working and
exercising as soon as possible...

I love you all, thank you for following the craziness in my life! I
love being a representative of Jesus Christ and teaching and bringing
other to come unto him. Im so happy to be here- Remember Christ in all
things. He is always there to help :)

Love yall! talk to you next week :)

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