Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 25

Well.. This week started off in ponga (uhm.... like.. when someone is
honestly trying but is failing) but I ended up a lot better :) Im
actually thankful for this week :) Im thankful for the challenges and
blessings that each week brings with them. And now, there is one week
less of the 104 that I signed up for. Doing the best that I can, for
everyone around me, in all the time that I have left :)

Where we left off...

Tuesday- The missionaries from Zone Conference left early that
morning... well... some. 6 missionaries got stranded here, because the
ocean got really high and angry over night, so all the boats only
traveled in one direction. So the Sisters (Ustupu) got stuck, and so
did Ukupa and Irgandi (they dont use boats- other people from their
villages take them, but nobody wanted to leave because the ocean was
angry) SOOOO we all spent another day together.

For those of you who remember... I destroyed my feet playing
basketball yesterday... sooo... today I couldnt walk xD So me and
Wrigley (we were on divisions) hung out with the Elders stuck with no
clean clothing.

Wednesday- Well.. I felt better enough that we left some. There was a
first presidency conference for all the missionaries in the world,
buuuut as usual.. the internet here wouldnt support it. so we wasted
like 2 hours of proselyting time in setting things up and trying to
make it work. so AFTER that, we worked as much as we would :)

The Elders and Sisters STILL couldnt get out :/ So they came to our
family home evening with Timos family (timo is still in the city) and
family just watched us all playing fun games and stuff xD and those
who wanted to play played- but we outnumbered them xD it was a great

Thursday- FINALLY everybody got OFF OUR ISLAND. Not that I dont love
the missionaries in our zone, but they are distracting, and I would
like them all to be able to work in their areas :) So everybody
finally left, and we ended divisions, which meant that I was alone
from 8am until 1pm when my companion showed up finally :) We had a
pretty good day of work though. This dude just came out of nowhere and
said that he was less active nd that we should come visit him :) it
was actually really cool.

Friday- Friday was areally good day :) I felt pretty good about it. We
talked to a few less actives and some investigators, and we set plans
with Ibdi and Eric to go to the temple :)  (timos family) this family
has become literally my family away from family, and I care so very
much about their eternal happiness. Ive been helping them a lot- We
can have alot of influence in this family because we live with them.

Saturday- AMAZING day. I dont even know why, but everybody was home
and ready to listen (that like.. never happens. these people dont
understand the word "commitment" or "on-time") But we had lessons like
all day long :) it was amazing. We taught the Less active from the
other day that contacted us, and we were going to see how well he
spoke spanish.. basically nothing. But between me and hoeft, we knew
enough tulegaya to teach a lesson about christ :)

Sunday- well... there was an obligatory cleaning of the airport..
soooooo all the men couldnt go to church, so we started church lter so
everyone could go :) Me and Hoeft spent the morning announcing to
everyone that it would start late so people could go.

it was a little dissapointing again, most lessons fell, or werent
there, but we went back to that less actives house again (his name is
alberto). We taught him the best Restoration lesson that we could in
Tulegaya, which was actually pretty good :) and then at the end, he
pulled out a pot of rice and hot dogs to give us. It was really sweet.
It meant a lot, how poor these people are, that he would provide food
for us. I almost feel bad when people like that give us food, but I
cant say no, because they made that sacrifice for us. and the little
bit of rice his family gave us, filled up our stomachs and our hearts
:) it made the whole day ok.

Monday- today :) well, I woke up at 5 to exercise as normal, and then
at 6 we went to go jog with an investigator :) it was actually really
cool :) and then after breakfast, me and my companion went hiking to
the waterfall :) It took an hour of hiking to get there, and we spent
an hour there hanging out. We actually found some youth from the
island that were swimming there :) It was fun.

ANYWAYS- That was my week :) It was a great week, it just went by way
too fast for my liking. But im living all the time I have to the
fullest! speaking of, Im out of time! But I love you all! Keep
improving and trying to become better! The Atonement of Christ is
there to give us strength and help us- not just for sinners :)

-Elder Bradburn
Machi Senigua
Tule Bander

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