Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15 - Leaving San Blas islands

Well.... Bagels. and Concepcion. and Changes.

well... first thing first. Bagels. my new cuss-replacement xD Its
quite util. next thing........ Im leaving Blas :( Goodbye playon..
good bye kunas... hello... Concepcion! I know nothing about it. but...
ill be there wednesday at 5 am after taking an 8 hour bus ride... Its
literally the other side of the country. Im bordered with columbia
right now, and there i will border with costa rica xD super sweet. I
have to take an hour long plane ride to get to panama, and then that
night the 8 hour bus ride... luckily we have a plane.. or it would be
a 3 hour boat ride, 3 hour car ride, and then the 8 hour bus... Itll
be exciting.

well.... i will summarize the last couple of weeks as best i can...

the only highlight of the week 2 weeks ago, is that I went on
divisions to nargana, and got to spend 3 days with my best friend
Elder Wrigley :) dude is awesome. although the ocean is bad, so we got
stuck an extra day in Nargana, and my comp got left alone.. poor guy.

Also.. last last sunday, ukupa started to smoke the Peace Pipe, and
for the ceremony decided to kick out the missionaries for 4 days.
sooo... the Lord decided not to send the missionaries back :) its
honestly what that village needs... they feel to comfortable here
kicking out the servants of the Lord...

Monday- snce the missionaries left ukupa, they came over to Playon,
and we hiked together to the waterfall here :) it was super sweet

Tuesday- We were supposed to start divisions with Irgandi, but because
of bad ocean problems, they got stuck in ustupu... but they found a
columbian ship that was willing to take them :) so they got on a
columbian boat.. it took 8 hours to get here because they stopped at
every island to sell things on the way xD

Wednesday- Me and Lau headed over to Irgandi together :) It was
congress night so we couldnt do any work after 5... and we didnt get
there till 3.. so i literally did a baptismal interview and that was
it xD

Thursday- well.. we were supposed to END divisions.. but the ocean was
too bad to leave... the boats were all cancelled for thursday and
friday, and we were going to have a baptism on saturday! sooo... to
get back to my area, i decided to hike 3 hours through the jungle
(with a guide) to get closer to Playon, so that i could canoe back to
playon xD it was crazy xD but it was cool. super pretty walk

Friday- We went to the jungle with eric to gather coconuts and open
them and load them into the kayuko :) it was super fun : )

Saturday- we went on my last jungle trip... :( we went with bolivar.
Im hoping that that man will finally start coming to church again.

Sunday- well... I was basically clued into having changes... so we
spent the day saying goodbye :/ It went pretty well. Im surprised that
I didnt cry though :P maybe i will tonight we i say last final

Monday- Well. Me and my comp spent the day hanging out on a private
island of a member. I put up my hammock and napped in the strong ocean
breeze. the ocean breeze actually gets chilly :) its nice. And then we
got the changes phone call and i found out where i was going, talked
with my comp, etc. By wednesday morning ill be in my new area...

well... all said and done... I hope ive accomplished what the Lord
needed of me here in Blas. Ill continue being a Zone Leader in
Concepcion, but Itll be different than being Zone Leader here. Im
excited for the change and the excitement of getting to know something
new.. rumor has it that concepcion can get cold at night... that would
be a nice change :) I sleep better when its cold :)

So next week ill give you an update on travel and how my new zone and
area are :) its crazy how quickly things can change.... I think the
Lord for every expereince and opportunity that he allows me to have.
its been a great blessing to be here and get to know the Tule people,
learn their language, their culture, even though the apostasy of their
culture can be frustrating. Im ready for the new challenges and
eperiences that face me :)

Love you all! Stay strong in the faith!

Elder Bradburn
Machi Senigua
Tule Bander

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