Thursday, February 25, 2016

Concepcion- February 22

Well... Welcome to Vista Hermosa. AKA.. the city of Bugaba, Concecpcion. I dont actually have photos yet.. I thought my memory card broke but I figured out the problem this morning :) so ill start taking more photos of the area and stuff. It really isnt much. But anyways... its been a great week, and the time has gone by way fast. and my internet time is also going by way too fast... so im going to write fast, and spend more time uploading photos. 

Tuesday- well... tuesday, early, we got to the city :) we flew in at like... 9 am :) Almost immediately, I had to seperate from Elder Hoeft to start packing and getting ready to leave.. so he was on his own for the city trip. but luckily there were 7 other elders from blas to be with him to help him.. as far as i know things went well for them :) I also saw Mcnamara there in the but terminal :) hes with elder halls, a really good missionary, who came to panama with my group.

at 830 at night I got on the bus with 3 others headed for my zone :) we got there aroung 5am the next day 

Wednesday. well... I got to the area, and we slept till 630, and I unpacked all my stuff :) and we had a generally normal day. I forgot my agenda, and that day was a little crazy i dont remember a ton to say about it. 

me and my companion get along really well. hes a cool guy, convert to the church. hes 23, and completed his 4th baptism birthday this past week. 

Thursday- Well... I really should bring my journal because I really cant remember much of anything right now.. ill do better next week i promise :) 

Friday- Im going to be honest, its really nice to have a ton of time to be able to stufy now :) i love it :)

Saturday- the only thing that I remember is that we played soccer :) instead of teaching an english class or something, we play soccer with all of our investigators and whoever wants to come, and then teach a mini lesson after. I actually really really like that... I dont know why nobody has ever done that before... 

Sunday- Well. yesterday.. I hope i remember this day better :) I met a TON of members at church... and im just going to stay.. this branch seems like going back to the states compared to where I just came from xD its great. The majority of callings are filled, and the members SEEM stronger than the other branch. 

Later, we went to contact Virginia 4 (a neighborhood in our area) which actualy went pretty well. after, my companion had to pack, because monday morningwe had to go to costa rica because he is now illegal in panama :) 

Monday- well.. today we went to pricemart to buy food :) I used my reserve fund ( i had $100 of mission money saved up from before) to buy some bigs soaps and detergent and  stuff so that I could save some money on that stuff in the long run :) 

later tonight we have a family home evening :) so we will see how that goes :) 

Its refreshing to be in a real area, with an iron, shoes, and actually being able to contact people, and I feel like a real missioanry again :) its refreshing, and im doing great :) a few things to fix, pero bueeeeeno. asi es la vida. anyways... im going to spend some time sending photos now

love yall!

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