Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11

Well... the week of infierno. The City Trip. The city trip wasnt all too bad. Just a little stressful and crazy schedule like normal. 

Tuesday- We flew out to the city :) Woke up early, went to the plane, and showed up in the city ready to get some work done. Sadly, the money and things werent ready yet, so it was mainly a day to get some personal stuff done (buy a new camera since my last one fell in the ocean). We also got changes, and met up with our new missionaries in the bus terminal. Theyre great missionaries- Elder Senden and Elder Lau... They got to Panama after I came out here to Blas xD 

Elder Davis (coming from David to the city) Got on a bus at a bad time, so he was supposed to show up to the bus terminal at 12, and the assistants asked me and Taylor to go pick him up, since he is a newer elder and doesnt know the city. we got there at 1130, and he didnt show up till 230. Several David buses passed, and this last 230 bus we were going to give up and go to bed.. Lucky for him, he was on that bus xD

Wednesday- Wednesday we got some work done. We divided up everyones money, and started the shopping process. We got as much done as we could (pricemart and Super 99). Pricemart was missing some key products (mashed potatoes, fruit snacks, pasta) so we had to find some substitute food. I was up till probably 12 packing stuff and eating dinner

Thursday- Our last day. We had some last minute things to do, Distribution center, do it center, riba smith, and other small last minute things. it was also final preparations for the travel, the next morning at 430. We finished packing everything, and making space for supplies in the bags, at around 2 am. Me and my companion are responsible for the supplies and food and bags of us and 12 other missionaries... so there are 14 huge bags of food that come with us back out, and sometimes they get a little bit full, so we have to break things down into smaller sizes. 

Friday- We woke up at 415 to get things ready to leave, and the cars showed up at 5 to take us. All 5 of us knocked out in the car ride. EVERYBODY fell asleep xD crazy. I guess we were a little tired... We all headed out in boat, and I got all the food off to where it needed to go. Elder Sharp and Elder Lau came over to Playon, to buy a few things from out island (they are in irgandi, which is super small and they dont have any stores there) but the motors on the boat broke, so they couldnt get back to their area :/ so we all napped here.

Saturday- They still couldnt get out of here. The boat still wasnt fixed. We took advantage and used the 4 of us to do spring cleaning on our house... I finally got sick of the mess. I dont know when the last time was that that house was cleaned WELL. I normally dont want to go through the work of cleaning a house that nobody before me ever cleaned, and nobody after me will clean, but after a few months I start to feel claustrophobic in the mess xD 

Sunday- Church! well... there was a comunity service in the morning, for all the men, so we had church at 1130. me and my companion both gave talks. And then we finally got to work after being in the city :) I want to work super hard this change, but its hard coming back from the city trying to re-jumpstart our area xD

Anyways. That is pretty much my week :) its been crazy and stressful, and full of headaches but the Lord supports me in the calling that he gave me- and im happy to do it as long as he needs me here, filling these roles and responsibilities

anyways. I love yall! take care, work hard, stay motivated, and seek the Lord and his counsel in all things :) He knows better than we do..

Elder Bradburn
Machi Senigua
Tule Bander

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