Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 21

Well :) another week has ended. A week that finally involve no traveling, however still didnt involve much real work :/ Its always nice being in our area at least :) Our recent converts pass by the house all the time so its not like there is nothing happening. Theyre great kids :) With Bartlesons still broken foot (lame doctor) we havent been able to get out of the house much... so this is going to be another summarized week to keep you all from getting too bored haha.
Basically, this week, the only thing that happened was an attempt at divisions. Our district leader, Elder Barker (from my MTC group) was going to come do divisions wiht me so we could get some work done in our island- buttttt the ponga (speed boat) screwed up and we couldnt catch a boat ride to trade bartleson and barker. so, we tried again on friday, and our ponga never showed up.. again. so we canceled. and then 3 hours later, it showed up, and expecte us to still travel with them. we had already cancelled our plans!! Lame people..
Today has been pretty good :) I always love sundays :) theyre great days to think and to partake of the sacrament. We get to remember and renew our covenants, and complete our weekly repentance process. Today I got a unique view of the sacrament- a view i havent had in close to a year. there were no priests that showed up so me and my companion were asked to bless the sacrament :) It was a great experience i havent had in a while :) ANY PRIESTS READING: dont take for granted what you are doing- you are standing in place of the Savior and helping all who partake to renew their covenants, and to finish their repentance process. Its an amazing opportunity.
anyways :) thats pretty much my week in a nutshell.. tomorrow we have Zone Conference, so we get to take another lovely motor boat out to Playon Chico. Hoping we dont drown in te ocean :) haha. itll be fun. President is coming this time around! itll be a good time :) thank you all for staying tuned :) Heres to hoping ill have more missionary work to talk about this week (I should- im going to stay in nargana with Elder Taylor for the week- so ill havethe opportunity to work this week)
anyways. Love you all! take care of yourselves! Bap Dummad bemar bendake gusgu. Nuegambi :)
-Elder Bradburn (Machi Siniqua... translated.. "short boy" even though im taller than all the men here, thats what they call me xD)

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