Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 14

well... as the title implies... im back on my island :) not a lot else to report on... I didnt throw up on the trip back xD so thats a good thing. I said a prayer before so i think i had a Little help. this week has been super boring... not much has hapened.
on Tuesday, we went to the doctor.... the verdict on my companions foot... the doctor sees nothing on the x-ray. soooo.. the doctor said to go back to the island, and walk on it for two weeks, take pain medication, and hope that it breaks bad enough that we can see it in an xray (Im not sure if thats logical... maybe Brother Whipple could give me some insight on that) but ya. sooooooo I organized our travel on thursday because we got the ok to head back :) 
Wednesday- well... We got ready to leave. and an island didnt get some things on their list of stuff so we had to go shopping for them- it made our day stressed and complicate, but its all good :) we got to buy a few more things that we didnt have as well
Thursday- the travel- travel went well. it was a lot faster tan expeced, and like i said, i didnt throw up. so that means it went pretty smoothly xD
other tan that, things have been quiet out here. we have had just acouple of lessons since we have been back. the chapel is close, so we have been having important lessons there, because my companions foot is bothering him a lot. 
so thats basically the summary of our week this week. its slow, and aggravating, butttt teres nothing we can do. satan has worked hard to keep me out of the game- ive definitely learned the important of WORKING WHILE I CAN. working hard because who knows the next time ill get sick xD
annnnyways. I love yall tons! thanks for keeping up with me and my life :) take care of yourselves, and live your life to the fullest :) and DONT FORGET TO PRAY :)

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