Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 31

Well... its been both an eventful and uneventful week. there isnt a whole lot to write about though. so Im not even going to break it up into days... just the important things that happened.

Monday.... we had a family home evening with our landlord and his family. and, during the opening him the hermana asked me if i would give te class part. so, I talked about helaman 5:12, and how we need to be built upon the rock of our redeemer. Afterwards, we always play a game. we were playing what would be called "cops and robbers" in english, and my companion stepped on a rock or something... and broke his foot. so, we were given two days of rest, and then the misión nurse decided we had to go to the hosptal. The hospital... is 7 hours in boat, and 4 more hours in car away from us. 

Now. hospital was out of the question. Why? we had baptisms on saturday. so we talked with president, and he said if my compnion stayed OFF his foot, we could stay for the baptisms and come to the hospital on monday :) 

sooo... Baptisms were a success. We had 7 baptisms :) Bello, Exler, Lain, Ronilka, Kankiler, Calvin, and myireth. The are all great kids :) I actually got to perform baptisms for the first time in my misión :) usually we get a priest to do it, but we couldnt this time. so, saturday we marched out to the beach to do our baptisms :)

It was super cool, watching each of these 7 teenagers come out of the wáter as new kids :) walking into the ocean they were all screaming and loud, but as son as they came back out of the wáter, they stayed quiet till the end. One of the kids came out of the wáter and even said "no more sins.. Im clean". Im just super proud of these kids :) I hope we stay in touch and that I can one day see them go on missions :) one day.

well :) thats pretty much my week in a nut Shell. there wasnt much leaving and teaching, due to the school Schedule and curfew hours (kids get out of school at 530, and have to be inside by 6... I almost got a kid put in prison for the night because he was being my companion). but it was a good week :)

This next week will be an interesting one, we are going to the city and not come back here til probably friday. itll be an interesting week to write about! Itll be the first time ive seen a car or a real building in 3 months. or eaten ice cream. Theres definitely going to be ice cream involved in the next week xD

I love all of you! Im greatful for the impact you have all had on my life, whether youre family, bishop, seminary teacher, close friend, etc. You have all had an impact on me and helped me turn into the man and missionary i am today :) I can only imagine being a father, after being so attached to these kids and baptizing them, what it will be like to see my children taking the correct steps in their lives. watching them struggle, get better, and grow. 

Im greatful for the góspel i have in my life. A missionary recently told me about a book that explains that Faith, is not knowledge. or it wouldnt be faith. so we cant say "I know" in our testimonies, because we DONT know. however, after Reading this book, it also explains that faith, can eventually turn into knowledge. Even if you havent seen proof. that Faith and acting on faith, can bring knowledge. and I CAN say, I know Christ is my savior and my redeemer. I know that I am his representative as a full time missionary. I know that I am a child of my Heavenly Father and he carefuly watches over each and eery one of his children. I can honestly bear testimony of these things :) I love you al. keep Reading the scriptures, keep looking for truth. As we find truth and light, we wil have a greater capacity for more. 

Elder Bradburn

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