Friday, September 11, 2015

September 7

well... this week isnt going to have a long explanation... to make a long story short... We are still hanging out in the city. We went to the doctor tuesday, and he ordered an xray, told us to come back wednesday. I am not even kidding, when we walked in on wednesday, his desk lady said he was out of the country. Getting eye surgery in both his eyes. Sooo... my companion has a blind doctor outside of the country. Convenient. So President set us an appointment with a new doctor... the following tuesday (aka tomorrow) and then we will see what happens. 

Our week has basically been doing nothing. The Zone Leaders came out to buy everybodys stuff for blas, so I got to help with that. But other than that, not much has happened this week. 

I got to have an interview with president while Ive been here :) He let me know that ill probably stay where im at for a while- Im very happy where Im at :) its super tiring living on an island with poor living conditions, but I really enjoy it. I wouldnt trade it for anything :) Not even for Cardenas (the area where all the foreigners with money live... its a cushy sister area.. they get to speak english) 

But anyways :) Things are great. I love it here. Panama is a great country :) and I love the Tule people. theyre amazing. I know my Father called me to be where I am. I know Im meant to be here. And i am so blessed for that. not just because that place happens to be where I am, but because in this place, I can feel its where im needed. I know its where my Father needs me to be :) I wouldnt trade this or anything :)

Love yall :) glad yall are keepin up with my story :) 

Cedomalo :) Cuidase

Nuegambi :)

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