Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 24 - Still on Ustupu

Well. Its been a pretty good week :) Things on bunny island are going
pretty well. Im in Paradise!! Lets jump into my week...

Wednesday- Wednesday was an interesting day. I dont really like
divisions, but it was cool to be with Barker, from my MTC group. So i
guess it wasnt al bad xD We had to find him a boat ride back to ukupa
for the next day,  go buy clean w├íter, and a few other small errands.
so we didnt start work work until around 4. At 4, we went and talked
to the excommunicated guy that we have been teaching. hes a great guy,
and has a huge desire to be baptized again. President Carmack is
coming to interview him in october :)

Later that night, we taught the Word of wisdom to our group of
teenagers we are teaching!! they are getting baptized this coming
saturday :) super excited. they are all really good kids. I love them.
We just have to get permission to baptize them from their parents.
thats a lot of work when they dont live on the island xD

Thursday- Well. Elder Barker left at 5am, and I went to the chapel to
exercise and spend the day alone until 3. i hate being alone. its a
really weird feeling. especially when you cant work. it just makes me
feel lazy because i have to do nothing in the house. but ya. bartleson
got back and was tired from traveling, so he emailed home (where he
was, there is no internet) and then we rested for the day.

Friday- the higlight of our day, was a lesson with a kid named Joel.
hes 20 years old, and goes to some kind of evangelical church. hes a
good kid, and says he believes in everything we say... but that it
doesnt mean he should change churches. lessons with him end up being 2
hours because its "our lesson" and then his testimony about
everything. I just want to get the priesthood and the restoration
through his head!! he would be a great member, and very religious.
either way, i wanna keep up with him. hes a good kid :)

We taught the law of chastitiy to our group of Young people who are
getting baptized xD that was a fun one. teaching 9 teenagers between
12 and 18years old the law of chastity xD it was all god thought :) we
got them to be serious enough to understand the doctrie :) theyre
really good kids :)

Saturday- Well... we got up at 4am... a group of kids in the branch
wanted us to train them in basketball... so we got up with them xD so
early. its imposible to play basketball before the sun wakes up haha!

we had to make up sleep later xD well. my comp did. I just stayed
awake. we were supposed to go give service in a farm in the mountain
today, but started raining like crazy, and 2. they didnt tell us
until that morning that there was a Central America missionary
conference broadcast.. so we tried to watch it, but it basically
failed drastically. it ended up being just a waste of time.

We had some cool lessons. I also baught a cool painting :)

Sunday- I gave a talk in church :) we give talks like... twice a month
in our branch.. but its all good :) I love church and taking of the
sacrament. my favorite part of every week :) Sundays tend to be
tranquilo here. we had to help a kid with some english work, and so I
took that time to make a bunch of agenda covers for my planner :)

Anways. thats pretty much my week this week!! this coming week is the
last week of the change... so next tuesday we will recieve changes...
i shouldnt be leaving but anything is posible. PRaying I stay, but Ill
go wherever the Lord needs me. I FEEL like im going to be here for a
while. So we will see what happens :) I love you all! thanks for
keeping up with what Im doing out here :) I appreciate the support and
emails that yall send me!! Everybody have a great week :) Remember to

Bap Dummad be bendakoe (literally translated Great Father Will Help
You.. meaning... God bless you)

-Elder Bradburn

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