Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 18

well... Another week (4 days) have past since we last spoke! so much
and yet so little has happened xD ill just jump into my week (we did
zone conference)

Well.... Saturday (because we emailed friday) saturday turned out
interesting... my companion kind of hurt his foot. he somehow bruised
his heel and split open the side of it... so he hasnt been able to
walk, but has been trying. and basically his mom got super made at him
and he realized that he should probably rest up a bit. so we rested on
saturday. I decided to take advantage and clean the house... so I
literally took everything away from the walls and swept EVERYTHING. I
organzied my companions stuff (I figured it would make him feel better
to have a clean area..) and then sprayed the house with insecticide to
keep all the stinkin bugs away from us. it was fun. I also found like
3 crabs living in our house. one of them was huge... its beause its
been raining and we sleep with the door open because its hot... crab
poop is actually pretty big xD

We taught english class later that night, and it basically destroyed
us. the kids are starting to get hard to control during that time. I
dont know why they get so hyper with us. we have had to threaten to
stop teaching english class. but its all good.

Sunday- We went to church :) I love going  to church. we had 60 people
there that day :) it was pretty cool. we have been having pretty good
attendance. after church, we had to go and charter a ponga to take us
to zone conference the next day... all the pongas on the island said
no... and then in passing Salmos 23 told us that they made a mistake
and were traveling the next morning! miraclesssss.

Monday- We left super early, in the middle of a rain storm. the water
was pretty choppy but it wasnt too bad. We got to playon chico at 630
am xD super super super early. but... its the only time a ponga left

Conference was fun. we got personal life jackets from the church (they
are stinking huge...) and medication to prevent malaria. which im
super happy to have. we are now taking doxycycline daily to keep away
the malaria (and it also happens to kill any other bacteria in the
body) so its all around a helpful thing. We played soccer and ultimate
frisbee the whole day. it was super fun :)

We talked later about the importance of preparing for war... how we
prepared all our lives for a mission, and now in the mission we need
to keep defending ourselves and preparing not only for our time here,
but also preparing to defend our families after. Elder Alonzo (our
area 70) said when he came to visit that our success as missionaries
and preparing ourselves can be measured in 5 years when we have
started a family. it was really cool. just thinking about how we are
really preparing for the rest of our lives, and learning to be serious
about whats important in life.

Tuesday- well... thats today. our district leader decided to do
divisions, so im currently back on my island againm but with Elder
Barker. We were in the MTC together :) itll be a good couple of days.
We didnt get back till 2 because the pongas dont pass by on their way
here until 11am. but ya. itll be an interesting couple of days :)

So... our computer broke today... so im again in the age of borrowing
peoples computers.... so dont be surprised if i cant find a computer
once in a while. but ya :) i should be able to communicate every pday.

anyways :) thats where we are at! i love you all! dont forget to keep
building your walls and towers to protect your cities... defend not
only your weaknesses but also your strengths.satan is looking for the
smallest weak spots in our armor, and we need to be ready and waiting
for him when he tries. its too easy to fall into his traps!!

anwyays :) I love you all. thats all i have for today. Im sorry it
wasnt much, but Ive spent a lot of time off my island or my companions
been sick. this week will be better... his foot has healed, so we are
going to hit the ground running :) talk to you next monday!!!

Dios Les Bendiga
Bemar Nuegambi
Bab dummad be bendake
-Elder Bradburn

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