Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 14 - Internet is back!

Hey! so I know there is a lot to catch up on.... like a lot lot. just
to summarize. We have been without internet for an entire month.
somehow our internet satelite dish in the chapel broke (the man who
fixed it says that he thinks something got struck by lightning) but
its finally been fixed!!!

Alright... well... I dont have the time to go over EVERYTI¡HING that
has happened over the last month... so this is gong to end p being
brief. bascially, the week internet went out (after the last time i
emailed) I started with stomach problems again. That week, was also
changes. I figured me and Teichart would stay together, but we didnt.
We got changes, Teichart went to Playon Chico to be San Blas Zone
Leader, And Bartleson came to be my companion. hes a pretty cool guy
from North Salt Lake City in Utah.

so after he got there, we waited another like 2 weeks, making it 3
weeks with stomach problems, and I made the decision to go to the
hospital on the island. for the second time, i got a gastrointestinal
infection from unclean water... and was knocked out of working for a
whole week taking super pwerful antibiotics.  Im not being legit super
super careful with the water...

Also, a guy here hunted 3 sea turtles, and cooked them for us. so we
got to try sea turtle (which is realy really good) and gave us leather
and skulls. because that definitely isnt illegal here but its legal
anywhere that isnt an indian reservation... so i have to smuggle it
home XD shhhh i didnt say that.

I also got some kind of crazy rash on my arm. The children here get
scabbies and other weird skin rashes, so ive been fighting it with
medicine for 3 weeks now, and its starting to go away! No need for
another hospital visit :)

uhmm... what else... Oh! our water is kept in gallon jugs. I have
figured out that you can use a stick to put them in and workout as if
you had weights XD soooo... i now have a private gym XD

uhm... what else. another missioanry got malaria, so we now have
doxycyline pills to prevent malaria (it also doubles as a acne

Things are going well. my companion is a cool guy, and we have some
pretty positive investigators. we should hve 6 or 7 baptisms on the
22nd, and there should be more coming up soon :) im excited :) I love
things out here. Im definitely roughing it, and my body is being torn
apart inside and out, but its totally worth it :) I love my island and
my people! a member the other day was saying we needed permission to
go somewhere because we were gringos from somewhere else and then he
said "actually, nevermind. yall are basically kuna brothers after
being here for so long" im officially adopted into the Kuna people XD

what other stories can i tell... Everybody here has been talking about
how the sun is going to go away for 3 or 4 days all over the world on
the 23rd or 24th of august.. not sure what to think abot that. The
Silahs (religious/government leaders of the island) have declared that
nobody can leave their houses during the days of no sun. so we will
see what happens.

but ya. sorry i cant give more details or anything more informative!
just know that im doing well, and loving it out here :) even though my
body is slowly falling apart (faster than before) sorry I cant go into
more depth about our investigators, I know thats what everyone wants
to hear about. this next week Ill be able to start explaining
everything in more depth. Zone Conference is Monday, so we will be
traveling monday morning... The ocean has been acting angry and we
have had a lot of storms so pray that we will all stay safe in our
travels! We dont want to have half the zone lost in the ocean again.

I lvoe you all! I love the Lord, and im so very thankful that Im out
here serving him with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. Hes
literally supporting me in my calling, and I can feel him push me out
of bed every morning and carry my throughout my day every day. I
couldnt do it without him :) Im thankful for the gospel that I ahve in
my life, and that IVe been called to be a representative of Jesus
Christ :)

I love you all! (english)
An bemar abege! (tulegaya)
Les quiero! (spanish)

PS. Church/chapel in Tulegaya is "Bap se goled nega" which is
literally translated "house of calling to Father"

nuedi!! cedomalo!

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