Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sept 28

Sooooo... a close friend of mine recently let me know that all of my emails start with "Well" soooo... i thought i would change things up :) (Sarah) This week, I spent in Nargana. It was pretty fun, but I am so glad to be able to go back to my island tomorrow!!

This week wasnt super interesting so Im not going to make this super long. Ill just give a general overview. 

Monday- we had Zone Conference, and Interviews with PResident :) I love getting to talk with president. Hes an amazing guy :) We had some cool talks and stuff and a great conference. We also got to see the movie Freetown. That movie, for those who ahvent seen it, is SUPER GOOD. We got to see it in Conference :)

Tuesday- Bartleson had his appointment in the city, so I went to Nargana to stay with Elder Taylor. Since Mondays they normally get water from the river, There was no drinking water. Nor bathing water. The Elders here, normally go in a ponga up the river to get water. its like a 30 minutes trip. BUT- the ponga driver was gone, and we arent allowed to drive motors. sooo.... we took the ponga, took off the motor, and paddled what was essentially a motorboat withough a motor as if it were a canoe. 6 hours, aching muscles, and 300 mosquito bites later, we got home. Basically.... We died until wednesday night. We were in such p´pain that we had to call the mission nurse xD I thought I threw out my back paddling. I also tore up my hands with blisters. a week later and they are still bleeding xD

Wednesday- DEAD

Thursday- We started leaving. but Elder Taylor got sick so we werent able to do a ton... he couldnt stay away from the bathroom long enough to do any real work, but we did walk around a bit to say hey to everyone :)

Friday- Copy and paste from thursday, but add a few lessons

Saturday- the day i packed to leave. Turns out, due to a few complaining customers, the caars to transport my comp from the city got there late. so, they got there too late for most pongas. but they found a special ponga that only went to nargana. so we got stuck until Monday (today)

Sunday- Church, etc, todo cool with sacrament and everything :) The District President showed up too. Cool stuff. I like him when he isnt angry XD

Monday- wellllll... long story short.. no ponga. however, i think it might partially be Heavenly Faathers will because we got to teach lessons to the columbian boats at the docks as well. It was cool. We spent 6 hours talking to them about gospel topics and answering questions and stuff :) we even got one guy to download Gospel Library on his phone :) They were cool guys. half of them were drunk but maybe something stuck.

Andddd thats pretty much my week :) Bartleson has the OK to start working full boar now, so we are going to hit this week RUNNING because im dieing to start doing SOMETHING. we should be showing up tomorrow :)

Hey, and nobody forget that we get to hear from our dear Prophet and the modern day apostles and prophets this coming weekend :) im super excited- hoping we get our computer fixed so we can watch it... im confident the Lord will make it happen :)  Love yall! have a good week!

Bap Dummad be bendake

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