Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 5 - Playon Chico

This week has definitely been.. full of surprises. excitement, and
sadness. Basically, we got back from Nargana on tuesday afternoon. so
we werent able to get a whole lot done. Tuesday night president called
me to ask me a few questions, which i thought was a little weird.

To give a little background, Elder Teichert, my ex comp and now ex
Zone Leader, went home last wednesday.

Wednesday morning ( I assume through no coincidence with the phone
call the night before) the Assistants called me and Bartleson. Crap. I
was worried I was in trouble for something. annnnndd.... they let me
know I was the new Zone Leader. I thought it was a joke, but seeing as
im currently writing my email from Playon Chico, It wasnt a joke.

We spent the end of that week saying good bye to everyone :/ I got the
call Wednesday and left Saturday at 5 am :/

we went throug the island taking photos and getting contact info of
everyone i know. The nice part of living on an island, is that it isnt
too hard to say goodbye to everyone in just a couple of days xD

So, jump forward in time, Its now saturday. We struggled to set up
conference here on playon chico for the afternoon session (could work
for morning :/) but luckily we were able to see all other sessions. I
absolutely love conference :) Hearing from out Living prohpet and
apostles is something so unique that only we have :) God really talks
to his prophet who leads and guides the true church of Christ. Not
that Im not fluent in spanish, I dont like listening to conference in
spanish. I just like hearing the emotion in the original speakers
voice. Its sooo nice. If a speaker speaks english, i wanna listen in
english. If they speak spanish, i wanna listen in spanish. its just
hard to pay attention to the translator xD

Greatful for that :) The rest of our sunday night was spent collecting
numbers from the zone and making sure there were no problems in the
zone- luckkily nothing too major :)

Im hoping this week ill get to know the members and investigators a
little better on our island :) hope that Ill be able to have something
a little more real and interesting to talk about.

Next Tuesday we travel to the city for changes to bring the new guys
out to Blas, so that will be exciting :)

Everybody take care! Sorry I didnt have much time to organize this
email too well, but thats pretty much the summary of my week. Dont
forget to start ponderizing! its such a great idea :) Me and my
companion, Elder Perkes (the bald guy in my photos in the past) are
going to do it on our whiteboard :)

Remember to be greatful for everything that we have :) for the
prophets and apostles that speak to us today, and the gospel we are so
lucky to have in our lives. Always help those around you- here in kuna
yala a huge part of our time is spent in service. We help people in
any way we can and its amazing :) sometimes the people dont speak
spanish and all i can say is "An bendake" which means "I help" but at
least they know that there are 2 gringos on the island that are always
willing to help :)

TAke care of yourselves this week! Talk to you all later! love ya!

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