Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 26

Well.. this week was pretty crazy for me. We went on divisions to get
them out of the way, and me not knowing the area super well, i was the
one to leave. Which isnt that bad but i basically spent a week living
out of a bucket xD (I travel with a 5 gallon bucket... they are easier
to carry than a bag, and they can work as a seat if you need one, and
they float.. so my luggage wont sink with the boat)

Anyways :) Tuesday morning I got on my way out to Nargana! I stayed
out there with Elder Taylor. Things were pretty good out there.
Nargana is a good island, and like Ive said in the past, its a little
more city than the rest. there arent many traditions, the people dont
walk around in traditional clothing, and they dont speak the language.
But I have some friends out there so it was nice to be there for a

That day we worked in their area, and we contacted a less active
member sometime that afternoon when we helped him dump water out of
his sunken canoe (canoes dont sink.. they just fill with water and
float under the surface..) and he said we could go back to teach him
later that night. We went back later, and that lesson was amazing :)
him and his family were like the postercard of a happy, church going
family :) the only problem is he works in the city  ( although he
attends church there) and his family is inactive. but he doesnt spend
enough time around home to be able to take them to church :/ it was
great though.

in the lesson, they gave us a corn flake drink, and afterwards taylors
stomach started to feel bad. So we ended our night there, and he ended
up throwing up later that night. Needless to say, he wasnt feeling
well enough the next day to go out and work. So we hung around close
to home and talked about our missions and life and our families :)

Then, on Thursday, I took a boat back to Playon, to take another boat
with Barker to head back to Irgandi. Ive never been out there
before... first thing we did when we got there, was bathe, In Irgandi,
the missionaries bathe in the river. so does everyone else in the
village. so you can imagine the difficulty of that... When we were
there, a man named Crespo was there. Crespo is an old wheel chair
ridden man that the missionaries help bathe and get dressed and
everything. He wasked us to come by later and play dominoes with him
before we got him ready for bed. so after we bathed, we ate dinner,
and then went to talke with Crespo :) Hes a cool guy.

In spanish, the word "ganar" means to win. you conjugate it like this
in past tense I- gane. you- ganaste. he-gano. we- ganamos. yall-
ganaron. and every time Crespo won at dominoes he would yell
"ganaste!!" xD he was a cool guy.

Friday morning we made the long long walk to Ukupa. basically, we
walked along the beach for an hour hauling our luggage to the other
village. Ukupa, and irgandi, are both basically camping lifestyle.
they live in the church, but the churches there are a little run down.
when you have to go to the bathrrom (irgandi had working toilets) you
pop a squat behind the building, over near a hole in the trees and
stuff. some mysterious way, the poop disappears before the next time
someone uses the bathroom.. we think its the crabs...

Friday we worked hard. Ukupa and Irgandi are both very traditional,
and friday night there was congress at 5, so we had to stop teaching
early :/ but we were able to visit some great people. including a man
that let me play his guitar :)

xD my flips flops are falling apart (they actually broke this morning)
and they have holes in them and just look bad. and an investigator
told me "elder. you have money. buy yourself some better flip flops"
xD it was really funny.half the time i go barefoot because the flips
flops dont do much. but now they broke.. so i guess im forced to buy
some new ones.

Saturday, was District Conference in Ustupu (the equivalent of stake
conference). soooo.. we all headed out there. From Ukupa... we took a
canoe with a 15 horsepower motor on it. with like 25 people in the
canoe. plus luggage. The poor driver thought we were going to sink. So
did I. Buuuut. eventually we made it. after 5 hours. In a normal boat,
which has at least 135 horsepower, it takes like an hour and a half.

Once in Ustupu, all my old people there basically attacked me running
down the street :) it was like a mosh pit with me in the middle :) Man
I missed everyone there.  Conference went well, and it was sad to
leave, but Im glad I got to see everyone again :) It was also nice
getting to talk with President Carmack about stuff with the zone and
everything. hes a great guy.

we left sunday afternoon, and they literally had to drag me into the
boat because all the people from ustupu wouldnt let me leave xD they
kept holding me back. Im hoping ill get to visit again later :)

Anywways. thats pretty much my week :) It was crazy busy, a lot of
fun, and all over the place. buuuut. im glad to be on my own island,
in my own area, and able to work with my own companion for the whole
week. We have no plans until next week :) its great.

Im so very greatful for the opportunities that the Lord gives me to
serve him, and his children who need to be brought unto Christ. Im
greatful I can share the gospel with so many people and bring a light
to their lives :) Im also greatful for the opportunity I have to help
the other missionaries in my zone, and help them work in their areas
and help them with any problems they have. Its just great :)

Ani nuedi :) Pab dummad an bendaisa bastante :) love you all! yall
have a great week, and dont forget to pray. or go to church. or to
read your scriptures. or any of the other commandments. It will bless
your lives :) I promise. Ive seen it in a lot of peoples lives :) talk
to you all next week! chauuu! nadeeee

-Elder Bradburn
AKA Elder Braboon or Machi Siniqua

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  1. Keep up the great work elder Bradburn. We're so glad you have truly lost yourself in the work. What a far cry from your devoted and single minded efforts on Provo. the gospel saves lives, heals and enlarges those sacrificing.. you brother.