Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 2

Another week out here on Little Big Beach (the name of our island
translated). its been a pretty good week, a little stressful, and a
little bit tiring. but as always, im enjoying myself out here :) Im
happy doing the Lords work.

Tuesday- Tuesday was a rough day. we had lessons lined up for all day,
but literally every single lesson fell through. Ive never had that
happen to me out here. The people here in Playon are a little harsher
than Ustupu, so people arent always there when they say, and some of
the time wont even listen to us. So we spent about 7 hours walking
back and forth trying to find anybody to teach. but every plan and
back up plan fellthrough. but thats alright :) we were at least

Wednesday- Well, we were going to help Igwa start building his new
house, but he had to go fishing so we rescheduled for the next day.
Today, we got some better work going. Most of the people we wanted to
visit wer ehome, and willing to talk with us :)

Thursday-  Well, at 7, we started work helping Igwa to tear down the
kitchen at his mother in laws house, so he could build his house
there. (the tearing down took probably 30 minutes xD) Tule houses are
built with 12 super heavy thick logs (two in each corner of the house,
and 2 supporters in the middle) so we spent 5 hours that morning
digging the holes, and putting in 15 foot logs into the holes, just
the 3 of us xD it was really hard work, but i enjoyed it.

That took a really big part of our morning and stuff, and we werent
able to study in the morning. so we did what we could during the day,
and when congress started (we cant teach during congress) we went back
home to study.

Friday- We helped Igwa put in all the other posts. My official job was
the hole digger. i dug all the holes for the posts :) and then helped
raise the log in. it was really fun work. Our work day was really busy
and all over the place. we had people change appointments, not show
up, and all kinds of things, but we got to teach pretty well. We
taught a cool old guy named anostasio about the plan of salvation, and
it seemed like things started to click for him a little bit :) He came
to church on sunday (hes a less active)

Saturday- Our Branch President, Timoteo, needed some help in his finca
in the monte. So we went with him to go help out there. we were there
from 7am until 2pm. it was super hard work. when we got home, there
was no water, so we had to go to the other side of the island and
carry buckets of water back to the house to bath xD but it was fine.
That did kind of interrupt our plans for the day though... we had to
go and explain that we had no water to everyone.. normally it wouldnt
be bad to go and teach without showering first... but we came from 7
hours of heavy monte work cutting down trees and stuff.

we had a great lesson with a guy named Miguel. He seems like he could
be a great investigator. he agreed with everything that we said, and
whe nwe invited him to church, said he would go :) (he didnt go :()

Sunday- Fast sunday :) It went well. I cant understand anything that
happens, so I caught up on journal writing during that time :) we had
a few really cool lessons and stuff.but it was mainly a tranquilo day
:) things went well.

Thats basically my week :) for once i didnt have to travel at all!
super happy about that :) able to work in my own area with my own
companion. Sharing the gospel with my Tule brothers and sisters :)

Anyways. I hope you all had a good week, and will have a good week to
come :) Love you all! Fight through the hard times to make it to the
good... the Lord will always bless us if we try to do whats right and
endure to the end

-Elder Bradburn
Machi Siniqua

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