Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 18

another week out here in the chorrera :) lets see if i can remember everything... another day where i didnt bring my journal :/ 

tuesday- i really dont remember xD i remember we worked hard that day... we had a really cool lesson with hna ena and her daughter. her daughter is menos activa but really cool. the daughter has 2 kids and a new new baby and no husband or boyfriend. really sad, but we are working to get her to come back to church.

we also took an adventure through a part of our area that we have never seen before! in the journey we found a beautiful pond waterfall place :) and a huge nasty pig xD

we tried to get home early because my body started to hurt, so we started to finish up working, and had a spontaneous appointment that night xD shoot man. oh weel :) 

wednesday- shoot man wednesday. we decided to go work hard out in secotr amaya :) we went searching for a few people but they werent home :/ i started to get some pain again so changed our schedule around to find someone we new was home:) we went to see hna edith :) shes the blind lady who is menos activa. shes super cool! she cant read braille, but she knows the letters. so shes going to teach me the letters and im going to help her practice reading :) 

we later went and found a few new people to teach, including dario (the man who gave us the coconut... that green thing is a coconut here in panama... you drink it and then eat the inside... its really really sweet) and he gave us some other cool snacks :)

thursday- i wasnt feeling so well so we too a day to be slow, but went to some important appointments that we had. it was a cool day :) we had a cool lesson with the family garcia we taught a little bit but left them open with a chunk of time to bear their testimonies. theyre very strong christians, and we decided it would be good to sit and listen to them instead of us just teaching all the time. that was a cool lesson :)  we also taught a cool menos activa family with a special kid who we love. it was awesome :) 

friday- we did planning during the day, and started divisions at night after dinner. basically, i just went to correlation without my companion, feeling miserable and in pain xD but it went pretty well :) 

saturday- we had a zone meeting in the morning, and thaqt went pretty well. sometimes all the meetings we have bother me. i feel like we have way too many meetings, but its all good. most of the time we learn something and can feel the spirit strongly together as missioanries. the day with romero turned out a little lazy, we had to stop by the clinic so i could se a doctor but everything is all good :)

sunday- wellllll.... we went to the chapel, and then hung out sick in the house. we did divisions for a little while and worked pretty lightly. but that is pretty much my whole day.

monday- we went to panama! we had a multi zone soccer tournament :) san miguelito, panama, airrejan, and chorrera. san mig won :/ but it was fun. our zone made matching shirts with names and numbers xD 

Tuesday- had a followup doctors appointment just to see if everythings all good, and was stuck in the clinic from 7am until 3pm... haya la vida im exhasuted of sitting around xD and now in internet sending this email :) there was no time yesterday so we came today again. but ya :)

i love yall! keep fighting and choosing the right! i know the church is true, and i know the power of prayer :) keep fighting this week and ill talk to yall next week. 

-dios les bendiga

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