Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015 - still in La Chorerra

what up what up! que sopa? como estan todos? how is everybody doing?? its been a good and crazy week XD lets go ahead and get started with.. 

Tuesday- we had to go run to the store in the morning with some other missionaries so we could all buy some stuff we needed together. our iron broke.. (and no.. duct tape cannot fix an iron... it melts because its plastic or something idk) so we bought an iron and our fan shocks us when we plug it in , so we bought a fan, and an ironing board :) the other elders needed just about the same things. so we all went together to buy them :) we went straight from there to the temple with our ward :) i love the temple! this time we went with an investigator so we couldnt enter a session. we went for a walk around the temple and my comp left me almost alone with joel, our old investigator, so that he would open up to me about how he felt about everything. He told me hes super stressed with school, but he wants to get baptized! he said he wants to wait till school gets out in august :) whoever comes to replace me in this area will have a for sure baptism. shoot man. i love this kid.

wednesday- we went to go help elder figueroa and elder duarte clean up their house :) it was alright. i am starting to get sick of cleaning everyone elses houses for them xD but its allgood. It's fun helping other people. i also find things that they dont want >:) like super cool shocky thingies that are super fun to play with xD we started shocking each other with that thing. haha. we all made lunch together and stuff. we went back to our area and showered and stuff, and went to contact a little bit. we went to dinner late, and had to go home early to report numbers.

Thursday- wooooh. crazy day. we had the zone meeting in the morning, because wednesday was consejos (when the zone leaders go to go messages from president and stuff to pass on to the zones) and then just did planning after :) 

i recieved a phone call late that night... that ah sue (the elder who had stitches) had been in the hospital for 4 days (i already had my suspicions...) and that the elder who was with him wanted to switch places... so I had to go up to panama city at 4 am... to switch places. idk why so early xD 

friday- woke up super early and headed to the hospital... and Friday and saturday are identical- i froze myself to death, because there was air conditioning. it was 75 degrees! thats so cold! haha. ive already adapted xD I was also able to shower with hot water :) it was such a change for me i turned it so hot it burned me every time. 

also... we had permission to watch tv... how many missionaries get to watch the lego movie, dragon ball z, and captain america 2 in their mission?? me and ah sue also played a lot of card games xD it was fun but i was sick of it by sunday. 

sunday- sunday they let him go. his wound finally got uninfected and we were allowed to go. so we went back to chorrera and made it just in time for skype home :)

super cool! my family says i have a spanish accent xD thats so crazy to me. i cant believe i have an accent! i loved talking to family :) i miss them already! family I love you!!!!!!

monday- well... today we went to go skype my comps family, ebcause they had technical difficulties on their end... but it still didnt work :/ so we went to the stake center to play soccer and then went to costa verde to buy some stuff. i bought safety pins- for future missionaries- safety pin your socks together when you take them off.. it makes it easier to keep pairs, especially if you wash laundry together with your comp.

well... thats all i have for this week :) it was an interesting week and im looking forward to being able to work all week xD i got cheated out of 2 days and im going to make it up during the week :) love y'all! keep tuned in. dont forget to pray :)

-haz tu lo justo

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