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April 20, 27 and May 4

April 20

woooh! another week here in panama :) I cant believe time goes by so fast man! I cant believe it.. next week i hit 7 months. I dont know where the time goes! 

Tuesday- Me and wrigley started divisions :) It was super fun XD We had a couple cool lessons, but most of our citas fell but we made some really good contacts. One of the contacts turned into a lesson right there in the street. We didnt teach one of the lessons but we talked about the gospel. He basically bore testimony to us about the lack of the gospel after christ died, and that no church had his authority, but in the last days christ would bring all his faithful children into one church. I really hope that he turns out.. he was a really cool guy. He is a preacher of another church, and his name is Domingo (sunday in spanish). and then we continued with the icre cream and uno tradition XD

wednesday- we finished divisions at a service project... I basically single handedly felled a tree :) it was super fun XD but my body was dead for like 3 days after. There will be pictures and videos, i promise :) On our way back home, we stopped by a fruit stand. for $3 I bought 12 mangos, 15 bananas, 4 passion fruits, 1 cantaluope, and a huge green avocado :) Later that day, there was aton of rain and we couldnt really leave the house.. so we cleaned the house and played games together.

thursday- We got permission to go search for some things my comp needed in the morning, so we went shopping a little in the morning. We proceeded with our weekly planning later, and had a little bit of companion bonding time. super cool :) spend quality time with your companion, wife, children, whoever. 

friday- There was rain again, but I forced my companion to go out and work, so we got super wet and super muddy XD I pretended not to care, but I hate wet muddy clothing XD its not comfortable at all. 

Saturday- We had a party! We all (our district) went to wrigleys house to throw a birthday party for him in the morning :) there was cake, and a piƱata and everything :) there was a minion balloon... but somehow he escaped. He was weighed down and then a sister said "where did the minion go?" and we looked up and he was in the sky... nobody knows how he got away...  We had another service after. We went and helped cut down more trees and break them apart, but we only helped for an hour or so because we had to go to a bpatism :) 

The baptism turned out really cool :) there were a lot of ward members there, which is always great. The members dont support converts as much here as they do in the states.. but we are trying to help the members have the desire to come to baptisms :)

me and my comp decided to go down a road that we have never gone down... and found a really cool family! we eneded up teaching them on the spot :) super awesome :)

that night hmo medo gave us like a ton of fruit... so we got together with the other elders on sunday to have a smoothie party, and to teach a lesson to their investigator. super fun :) hanging out with an investigator and making smoothies together before the lesson :) 

sunday- well.. church.. and the above statement about fruit and the investigator. 

monday- we went to do laundry and scrub down wrigley and romeros house... we basically killed the whole day there, and then had a noche de hogar at 5, so we didnt have time to go to internet :/ so we got permission to come tuesday :) the power went out and we had to go home early, because our area is dangerous, especially at night when the power goes out. but ya :) everything is all good here :)

I love all of you! thank you for all your emails and support and everything :) I gotta get going. changes are coming next week and I feel like I might leave, but at the same time that i might stay. we will see what the lord has in store for me! chaauuuuuu

siguen adelante :)
haz tu lo justo :)

April 27

Time goes by so fast its crazy XD I dont know where it goes. I dont have my journal with me so we will see if I can remember what ive done this week XD 

Tuesday- I believe I emailed last tuesday as well... and i dont remember what happened after that.

wednesday- I really have no idea what happened that day XD

thursday- I remember we had a goodbye party for sister alvarez, because shes headed home, and then we had ward correlation.

Friday- I have a really bad memory XD sunday-tuesday have been stressful so ill have a lot to write about for those ones

Saturday- I went to the temple :) We took recent converts from our ward to do baptisms :) it was super cool :) I got to be a witness for a while until the endowment session started, and went up to do an endowment session.  I was really in need of the temple :)

Later we had a noche blanca and had 3 baptisms in our zone :) I got to bear my testimony about baptism in front of the whole stake. I was nervous at first but it wasnt too bad :) 

Sunday- we went on divisions. I went to my ward with Elder Campos. Our zone leaders are now required to get to know our ward ledearships so he met the ward and everything.

Later, we went to go to another goodbye party for hna alvarez XD she has spent half her mission in this ward so theyre kind of attatched. Later, i went on divisions with elder hoeft to their area to help him out a little bit. We completed their LPE goal.. they had 50 and needed 80, so we did 30 that night :) super fun.

Monday- We went as a zone to go see meet the mormons in the chapel by the temple :) super fun and super good movie... the only thing... i lost our cell phone on the way there XD I was talking on the phone, and then I paid for food and had to run across the street to catch the bus.. somewhere in that confusion i dropped the phone and couldnt find it. :/ so after the movie i killed the rest of my pday in the city, getting a phone chip for me, and a phone chip for some other elders, along with running zone errands so the ZLs wouldnt have to since I ws already there XD I got home at 11PM. shoot. And then Elder Hoeft got confused about what we were doign so accidentally told the phone people the wrong phone number- he gave them their phone number- he didnt realize the numbers we were giving were the ones getting disactivated, i didnt notice because I didnt know his phone number. So we killed a phone XD

We ended the night with some root beer floats at his house. 

Tuesday- Temple trip! My companion and elder Polio (comps with Elder Hoeft) showed up at 4am supposedly with clean clothing for me... but my cmpanion forgot I needed clean clothing and their was no time to go back... So I had to go to the temple in very dirty clothes... but its all good because I really really really needed the temple. They had to kick me out of the celestial room because I really didnt want to leave. I love the spirit we can feel in the temple and its such a good escape from the world. 

Anyways :) Ill have to talk to yall next week! Im out of time! Thanks for tuning in to another week of my crazy mission life. I love you all- Remember the blessings we receive from the temple, and that unique opportunity we have- its a beautiful place with an amazing spirit. never pass up an opportunity to go to the temple. You cant trade that experience for anything in the world. chau everyone! BTW... I didnt have changes. So we will see what happens through the next 6 weeks with Elder Mejia! love yall!

May 4

alright :) lets talk about this week. 

Wednesday- changes! not much excciting that happened. I started a spontanous companionship inventory because I could tell my comp was upset with me. So we didnt get much done that day.

Thursday- We cleaned the house, and had our weekly planning :) there were always some things we needed to find in chorrera, so we headed out there and looked for stuff. we did some LPEs and contacting while we were out there :) super fun

Friday- We had a district service project in Guadalupe :) we helped another person repair their roof :) and in the meantime I helped pic axe a rock wall that they wanted to get rid of. super fun :) I talked al lot with elder Guzman, the new companion of elder romero. hes super legit! I really like him. Later we went home, and got ready for the ward talent show at 5. The talents came out super cool! although basically all of the talents were from the missionaries in our zone XD it was cool :) our district did a shadow doctor thing :) 

Saturday- We had a service project at our investigators house, but it got rained out :/ so we couldnt go. we stuck around the house until lunch, and we got a phone call from the Zone Leaders. Elder Ah Sue wasnt allowed to leave the house for health reasons, and his comp wante to do divisions because they had important citas, and we didnt have anything planned. So I went out there and chilled with Ah Sue in his house and we played games and stuff. it was pretty fun but I felt lazy XD we started fasting after lunch and I got a migraine from fasting :/ I called the enfermeros (mission nurses) and they told me I shouldnt do a complete fast :/ I can still "fast" just have to eat and drink minimally.

Sunday- Fast Sunday :) we wore white ties to ask for references, because white ties are what we wear when we baptize people. its a cool idea. 

lunch ended up being delayed till 4... without telling us... so we sat in their house waiting for lunch... from 1-4 and they never said anything XD We had a noche de hogar, and then played a little bit of uno to finish up our night before bed. super cool.

Monday- well, we started off doing laundry, and went to the stake center to play games with the zone :) it was fun, and later we got a big group to go to Temptation Point, which is a really delicious pizza place with super cheap pizza :)

PAteince is a virtue! Be patient in your afflictions, and just do the best you can in the situation you find yourself in. Its a good standard to live by, and makes things a lot easier to deal with in times of stress and complication in our lives. Jesus take the wheel :) (I just downloaded that song XD)

but hey, i love yall :) thanks for tuning in for another week!

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