Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 8

alrighty... so I owe everyone a blog post that sums up the last 3 weeks. I guess ive gotten a little bit behind on the times. Basically, to make things brief and short, ive been sick and unable to leave the house for the last 3 weeks, but Im doing a little better and I can start leaving again on wednesday. so everything is going alright :)

When my companion found out that I was sick and not allowed to leave the house, he called president and begged him to send us 2 extra missionaries so that he could continue working in the area... and thats exaclty what president did. We have been living with Elders Cordoba (from miama, florida) and Sanchez (Baja California, Mexico.. not sure what city... somewhere close to the US border) and its been a blast with 2 extra missionaries in the house. its been nice living with another gringo (well... cordoba is 100% Tico, but he was born and raised in the US)

These last few weeks have been a mix of not a whole lot of action for me, sneaking out on pday to teach a lesson because my comp wasnt there to keep me from leaving, lots of trips to the doctor in Paitilla in Panama City, and a visit from Elder Alonzo.

Elder Alonzo came last wednesday :) i technically disobeyed (technically they didnt tell me not to go to zone conference.. they just told me i couldnt leave the house.... somehow it makes sense) but I couldnt not go listen to a general authority speak to us. he had a lot of great insight for us and taught us a ton of stuff. He talked a lot about the importance of the atonement, and the symbolism in the Plan of Salvation and the Parable of the Good Samaritan. I never thought that that parable was literally the Plan of Salvation. Basically, we are traveling from Jerusalem (the high ground, literally, and holds the temple of the Lord) and traveling downhill to another city, when we are left half dead and ignored by other people who cant help us, however, there is one who has the power to save us through his own sacrifice. 

Elder Alonzo also did interviews with a select few missionaries... and turns out... im not special enough xD but oh well. It would have been super cool. 

Keep fighting for what is right :) Keep your standards. My Dad always told me when growing up, to rememer who i am and what i stand for. It is so important to actually FIGURE OUT who we are and what we stand for. and then, its not enough to remember it. we need to live it, and fight for it. Its something that even I as a missionary have to work harder on. Anyways, I love yall so much :) good luck y Dios les bendiga en esta semana que viene :)

uhm... well. Not much else has happened for the last few weeks. Ill let yall know what happens this week as I start getting slowly back to work. Changes are on Wednesday and President told me he already has had a strong feeling that Im going to leave this change, so next week ill have some interesting news, a new companion, and pictures of a new houseand new area. super exciting!

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