Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 15: San Blas - Ustupu island!

alright... so lets talk a bit about the last week of my mission. It has been a crazy time. This week has literally been nuts. However, it also involves very little actual missionary work (sadly.. after 3 weeks of being in the house) but its still been a cool week.

Monday- Well, we went to email, and realized we didnt have a phone, so from there we went home and hung out in the house and waited for my companion and the other Elder to get home. They got home at 930 PM and The first thing my companion says to me, "Bradburn, I have a piece of advice for you. Start packing." Aww man, changes. Where am I going? "You are going to Ustupu (San Blas) and you need to be in the APs house tomorrow morning at 9 AM. 

Sooo... I was up until 1 AM packing. and arrived the next day to the city. Basically that entire day was spent shopping and everything for Blas. Basically, all the missionaries stay on their islands, but the ZLs come back to the city to buy everything everybody needs for the entire change. including food. so... a lot of money goes into San Blas. 

Wednesday- More shopping, packing up food, and some upsetting news. An Elder from San Blas was diagnosed with Malaria. annnnnnnd he needs to stay in the city until they finish his medication. and they need someone to stay with him. Soooo the natural solution for this problem, is Elder Bradburn. So that I can finish resting and make sure thinks are totally ok after my infection. Fun times :)

Thursday- well... lots of resting. so not much really happened. 

Friday- bsically the same thing. lots of studying. resting. talking to the sick Elder (because we happen to have been in the MTC together so we are pretty good friends)

Saturday- Suerte :) I got a break of good luck :) well... another elder had a case of bad luck... So. basically wel live in a house with Elder Wrigley, Elder Rapalo, and the office Elders, Elder Taylor and Elder Nysetvoldt (all of which are close friends of mine.. me and wrigley were close from Chorrera, Taylor was also with me in the MTC, and I lived with Nysetvoldt for 3 weeks when I first got to Panma).

Basically what happened, is Elder Rapalo got sick. Sooooo... I got to go on divisions and teach with Elder Wrigley :) It was super fun, and the first time Ive done real missionary work in almost a month. super cool. They have a cool area, but I dont really like it. Panama City is so crowded :P I like my little Chorrera. But ya :) We basically had an investigator ask to get baptized, but they arent married, and wrigley mentioned marriage, and the guy said "well, we have been together so long, i dont even have to think about it" so they have a marriage and 2 baptisms coming up :) 

Sunday- welllllllllll not much happened again. we got permission to bless our own sacrament, and ya. just chilled in the house again.

Alright. soooooooo....... that is all the has happened. but, here is a little info about Blas. Basically, we have 14 missionaries. 12 elders, and 2 sisters. The Blas missionaries are known for going toBlas, and not being heard of for a while, because we dont come back to main land until we leave Blas. uhm... the men, speak a little spanish, and most women barely speak spanish. So, basically, the best thing to do is for us to  use the gift of tongues to learn Dulegaya, which is the language they speak. My area is Ustupu, the largest island, and the richest. Rumor has it (because my companion is there, so ive talked with him through phone) that we only have electricty for certain times of day, our bathroom is a hole in the dock, and, we do not have beds. we literally sleep in hammocks. So... I will very literally be camping for the next... several months of my mission. Super exciting :) My plane leaves Thursday morning, so, Ill let you know what the islands are REALLY like next Monday! :) 

Love yall! talk to you later. 

chauuuuuu. Nade (bye in dulegaya)
Dios les bendiga :)

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