Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 11 - Provo Utah Spanish Mission

Week 11

This was definitely a difficult week! It was very interesting. 

Last Pday was definitely fun :) We went to piano lessons at Hma Sikes house :) She is super awesome. I passed off my song, and my companion didn't. hehe. I get to learn left hand today :) we also met with our first refferal that i have been a part of :) there ended up being 2 investigators, us, and 3 RMs in the lesson... insane.

Tuesday- Last Pday I received some work outs from my old gym teacher! They are crazy hard XD I'll attatch one to this email if I remember at thend end. I almost died and this was day 1. I also had a meeting with president Mccune just to talk about stuff :) it went really well :) actually, while we were waiting, it turned out I had two packages arrive. the first.... gummies! and pistachios! from Gramma :) she is super sweet :) I love seeing the gummies.... they are almost gone. they dissappear so quickly. The Second- A frisbee from mom :) 

Wednesday- Basically, this day I realized how quickly the time actually goes by SO fast. its insane. for dinner today, we had to eat at home :( we called the lady and told her we were the missaries and she sighed and hung up the phone... we are still confused what happened. 

Thursday- Today, we didn't have dinner, but somebody thought they had us, and called and yelled at us. We are confused what happened then as well. IDK why that keeps happening XD oh well.

Friday- We had DTM :) this is where the fun part of the week starts... We went to DTM, and it actually went really well. Afterwards, we went out for district lunch to a chinese restaurant. After we ate my stomach started to hurt. and my companion was already sick, so we had to go back to the house. By that point, I could barely walk. after a call to the nurse, we were confined to our apartment for 24 hours. Turned out my comp probly had the flu, and I probably had food poisoning. I was throwing up all night. It really makes you homesick when you realize you're sick and don't have your mom to feel bad for you XD oh well. So... basically the next few days nothing happened. 

Saturday- We were allowed to sleep in! YES. Basically we showered and then studied and played games all day because we couldn't leave... although we disobeyed the nurse once to go run temple booth because we felt guilty not doing it (elders take turns running the info booth for the new provo temple). We almost died of nausea walking the 1 block from our house to the temple.
To get out of the house, we went out to eat. Someone bought our food, and then on the way back to the apartment, Aunt Sarah came running down the street! That was so awesome :) I loved seeing her :) made my day. Love you aunt sarah!

Sundayyyy- Good day :) I was feeling well enough to get up on time, but my companion slept in. I was so excited for the Ogden Temple Rededication I wanted to go to all 3 sessions of the dedication, but elder sanchez didn't feel well enough to go to the first one. turns out that President Monson went to the first one. would have been cool. (We go to our stake center and it is broadcasted from the temple- The chapels become extensions of the temple and you have to show a reccomend to enter. They say "welcome to the temple" when you walk in. super cool)

They talked about a lot of great things, but what stood out to me the most, was the importance of your temple recommend. Your temple recommends are NOT a ticket to enter the temple. They are a symbol of your willingness to follow the commandments and the covenants that you have made. It is so important to keep a temple reccomend even if you cannot attend the temple. 

One of the apostles related to a story of his grandparents, who were old, and not physically capable of making a trip to the temple. He was the bishop. Once a year he would get a call from them- a call that was different. A call where they called him bishop, to ask for a temple recommend. Remember that our temple recommends are SACRED. ALWAYS know where it is and keep it safe. There was a story of a sister who lost it and was forcefully prompted that she needed to not take it lightly. So my message for the week- Do not take it lightly. It is a privilege and a blessing to hold a temple recommend. 

I love you all and I love hearing from you! Talk to you next week :) anybody can send me email and I'll respond on monday :) love you

-Elder Blake Bradburn

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