Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 8 - Provo Utah Mission

Dad's Prologue:

Okay, if you've clicked the link to follow Blake, you care enough to drop him a quick email at Whether you are a friend, neighbor or just know the family, even a quick note to say hello can mean the world to a missionary. Thanks for reading his blog and please keep Blake in your prayers. Regardless of one's personal faith, we believe in the power of prayer to change lives and uplift people. I'm sure things like this will happen from time to time, but we just heard today from Blake's former Scoutmaster and Deacons Quorum Advisor when we lived in Riverton, Utah. He saw Blake today on the streets of Provo and was able to give him a quick shout. I'm sure that meant a lot to Blake.

Week 8

This week has been great. We had splits with the zone leaders on thursday. Something that I thought was cool (that the Zone Leaders did) and I have started doing is my "small plates". I have my daily journal which is like my personal "Large Plates", and then just a small journal of major life moments and spiritual things, the "small plates".
After Last Pday- So much fun haha. We had to carry our groceries like 2 miles back home. We cleaned up the apartment and we wanted to play ping pong. We had to take apart our studying table and move it to the living room to have space to play. I wish I had been able to get a picture of that. The other Elders came over and we played 4 way chess. Craziest game I have played in my life. There is too much going on to eve nthink about it.
Throughout the week a few tings have happened. I forgot my journal today so I will do my best to remember and keep it in chronological order.
We have an investigator getting baptized this week! I'm excited :) It'll be awesome. On Thursday we had exchanges and I went to the Zone Leaders area. It was super cool. Elder Taylor is crazy inspired. He was just like "Let's walk around the block. I feel like we should." and we got 2 referrals and a subway sandwich. the ZLs get a car, and their area is smaller than ours! I'm jealous. But apparently I might be getting a car, and my comp doens't have a license so they made me a designated driver on Friday. I learned a lot from Elder Taylor. Him and Elder Palomares have a daily miracle board, so I have started one on the bathroom mirror :) It is such a cool idea.
The Moore's have a garden in their backyard and they gave us a TON of grapes and cucumbers from their garden last time we visited :) They are such a blessing. super cool.
On Friday we had zone conference. It was super cool to hear about the things that we learned! We learned a lot about how to use social media because social media is huge in this mission. We also learned a lot about the importance of member missionaries and TEACHING members to help with missinary work. They are a huge part of it. Without the members involvement, our investigators wouldn't go to church. So we learned a lot about administering and teaching members to minister. Don't be afraid to help the missionaries! They need your help! I also had a talk with president about some things that have been bothering me, homesickness in particular. I have a testimony of our priesthood leadership. They have the keys to help us take care of our problems. I haven't been homesick since. So USE YOUR PRIESTHOOD LEADERSHIP. They can help :)
Sunday was an important day. My companion came down sick, but made me wait to call the nurse until AFTER church. So... we went to church. Church is amazing. I cannot understand a word that anybody says in the talks, but somehow I feel like i am wanted there :) It's amazing the spirit that is at church. I have always born my testimony about the importance of going to church and how I would never miss church for any reason. Church is SO important. I love it. Me and Elder Sanchez say hello to every single member every single sunday by my request :) I want to get to know everyone and let them no that the crazy white boy who doesn't speak spanish is their missionary.. haha. It is amazing how patient everybody is with my spanish! It makes me feel better. I feel like I can talk AT people, but I don't understand what anybody else says. but the Lord will help me learn.
After church, we went home and called the nurse and we were given a very strict command: Elder Sanchez needs to rest, so we couldn't go proselyting. So- while he rested, I got a bunch of extra study time, and since we have ipads, we watched The Restoration and some Joseph Smith Papers. Joseph Smith Papers are super interesting! I wonder if I will ever have the opportunity to read them.
Well, it looks like I am just about out of time. I love you all, and I hope you all have a good week. Remember to pray, and read. have your personal "sacred grove" every morning. (sacred grove is what elder taylor called his "personal study time" since actual personal study is intended to study for lessons. I love the idea) We need to be filled daily by the word and guidance of our Father in Heaven. I can see emails every day so dont be afraid to send me little messages or update me on things! Me and Elder Sanchez are going to go pawn shopping.. haha. I'll let you know what I find next week!
Love, Elder Bradburn

P.S. I forgot to add this- I had a huge pick me up this week! We went to go talk to a non member earlier this week. He lives with a member. We walked in, and My old TRC investigator, Jose, was sitting on the couch! It made me so happy. He told me that he appreciates the things that I helped him with and that TRC is not fake- Some of them might be members, but we are actually helping them with real life things. We cried a little bit together. I was so happy to see him. Jose seriously helped me so much. more than I could ever write. He told me some cool things that helped me learn a lot about missionary work and my purpose. He is an amazing guy :)
*This is soooo Blake - wandering the streets of Provo and enjoying nature and God's creations - A little rainbow to make him smile...

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