Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 10 - Provo Utah Mission

Dad's prologue:

We got in touch with the FBI to check on Blake's background check and it is being processed...which is much better than wondering if it got there after it was mailed to them in the middle of August. We are hoping he is 2 weeks or less from heading out to Panama. In the meantime, we can tell he is learning and stretching himself. Send him a quick email...he gets the everyday so, today, you can make Elder Bradburn smile with just a couple minutes of your time!

Week 10

This week has definitely been an interesting one! For those who haven't heard- it looks like my visa and everything is about 2 weeks out. I could get a call any day that I'm leaving. Super excited! This week involved seeing 2 friends, someone who knew my mom, and a few strange homeless people.

Alright! so monday we went to the pawn shop- FINALLY it was open. I walked in and I hear from the desk "Are you the son of Cynthia Lunkley?" turns out one of the managers of the pawn shop is a high school friend of my mother- it is the third time someone has recognized me because I "look like a Lunkley" haha. That was cool. We walk by just about every day and see him. I got a super sweet fountain pen that I am now obsessed with using. I don't even know how fountain pens work but they are super cool. 

We went grocery shopping to buy food for 2 weeks. It was almost $70 worth of groceries and the man in front of us just pushed my companion out of the way and swiped his own card. The people or Provo are super nice to us. People try to give us money and buy things for us all the time. We always get stopped by people offering to feed us or give us rides :P its super cool.

Tuesday- My companion had to go to a leadership meeting... and so what does that mean? They leave me and another greenie in OUR area without our trainers. So me and this greenie had to run our area until 3pm. The other Elder doesn't speak Spanish so it was really interesting. We had a meeting with the Elders Quorum President of our ward to discuss missionary work, and thankfully he wanted to speak in english so that the other elder could understand and offer input. He tried to take us out for lunch, but it turns out elders were free at the restaurant we went to. 

After, a homeless man approached us, and his friend said that he needed a blessing and the man said "no. no. I just need a prayer." and proceeded to kneel at our feet. It was really strange. In the middle of center street in provo, we prayed aloud for a man kneeling at our feet. I'm still confused what happened. Provo is not an exception when it comes to crazy people.

We were late to dinner because of a lesson, and so Hermana Garcia left the food on our door step :) she is super nice. but my companion decided to agree to have a second dinner with a family who took us to mcdonalds. Halfway through dinner, we got a call from the ZLs who said my companion needed to be at a baptismal interview like right then. So... I went on splits with a ZL for teh second half of dinner and the appointment after. I was super nervous but it really wasn't that bad. The Lord qualifies us and helps us in moments of need :) I learned that I am learning and I am new. I can't expect myself to be the perfect elder already. The Lord is helping me to grow. 

Wednesday, we had a district meeting about a possible finding activity (really didn't go well) and wasted a large chunk of our time, and we succeeded in planning nothing. We had to go to the mission office after that to pick up a package. 

NOW- I did not know how bad this was. We got back to the apartment, and I noticed my companion was limping. So I asked him and he said he was fine... I looked at his shoes. turns our he has been walking for 2 weeks with shoes that have huge holes in the bottom and his feet are swollen. I had to FORCE him to call the mission nurse. We were confined to the apartment for the rest of the day and to visit the nurse the next morning. 

Thursday: We went to the mission office and the ZLs were there but someone was already seeing the nurse. Elder Palomares noticed Elder Sanchezs shoes (this shoes the love of our ZLs) and forced him to trade shoes for the day. it didn't end up being that big of a deal, because the mission nurse took us to purchase new shoes. Shoes are so expensive! while we were at the office it turned out that two packages arrived for me while we were there.. a frisbee and gummies from gramma :)

Friday- Zone Training meeting! super awesome. We talked a lot about becoming the Lord's missionaries and how every one we teach, the Lord trusted US individually with. he trusts us individually with their salvation.

It was after that meeting that I realized- I miss Les Mis and Wicked! AHHH. so I've been listening to some of the most "appropriate": music from those musicals. 

Saturday- We met Jack Sparrow at the BYU stadium! We have a picture giving him a BOM. Super cool :) Also, it happened to be the BYU Autumn Classic, the very same high school invitational I ran in 2 years ago! so I was able to pick up a shirt that I wasn't able to get when I ran in the race :) We were given the opportunity to bear out testimonies and the Sharon East YSA Stake- Shout out to Bethany Brimhall- turns out that is her stake :) 

Sunday, the only thing that happened that was really exceptional was taht we talked to a homeless man. although I think he is just "Nomadic" and not homeless. He told us that he is a man of God, and needs to teach us another night XD He said he is a man of God and that We are sinners haha. 

Thank you everybody for your emails and everything :) Remember, as sister Lani always tells us- Faith in every footstep. The Lord is always willing to help us. I've seen so many blessings in my life already. I'm so excited to see the work in Panama :) Love you all! Remember prayer and scripture study. 

-Elder Bradburn

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