Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 12 - Still in Provo

Dad's Prologue:

Blake's mom and I are so proud of him. We can see his growth through what shares with us. He has handled challenges and disappointments so well. Blake continues to run into people who knows him or his family. This week it was Brady Adams. Brady was an older youth when Blake was just starting in our church youth program and I was the Young Men's President. Blake looked up to was cool for me to see the two of them a returned missionary and one serving. Both a lot more grown up than the last time they were together 4 plus year ago. And don't blame Blake for the dishwasher mishap. His dad still hadn't learned that until much later in his 30's :). Also, Blake has always loved's hoping his latest creation photographed below brought as many smiles to his face as it did to ours.

Week 12

Well, I just got some news this morning. I am being transferred to a new area, and I will finish out my time here in Provo in a trio! 

Alright- The news of this week. 

Monday- We went to the temple before emailing :) I love going to the temple. The feeling inside :) I know that it is the right place to be, and it was definitely a huge stress relief for me. After I left I felt so much better about everything that is going on. We had piano lessons after emailing. We were an hour late.... Our ride bailed on us so we had to walk 40 blocks to piano. Sister Sikes was mad we didn't call and ask for a ride XD She gave me 4 songs that I will hopefully pass off today :)

Tuesday- We had exchanges... My companion is District Leader so we exchanged with another set of elders in the district. He decided to put me and another greenie together in our area. I basically had to run the area and The Lord helped me so much- I was able to speak spanish to everyone. Probably the biggest time I have seen the gift of tongues in my mission so far. We had service with Brother Moore. We had to shovel manure for him. So gross, and hard work but it was fun. He bought me and my companion new tennis shoes. 

Later we had dinner with Hno Inga. He is a super cool guy, and that is the biggest time the gift of tongues helped me. We talked the entire time in spanish, and the elder I was with never said a word, so I had to keep the conversation the whole time. It turns out he is applying to Medical School. 

We got lost trying to find a referral that the AP's gave us. Here is what we were told "this is her address. We don't know her name, what language she speaks, or if she is a member. go see what she needs" XD it was interesting. They NEVER gave us an apartment number! So we went and stood outside, late after being lost, staring at the doors. Randomly a lady runs out "Misioneros! estuve esparando! Yo necesito un bendicion" So... I got to give a blessing in Spanish haha. que bien.

Wednesday- We were walking down the street and this lady saw us, and we said hello, and she looked at me in the eyes, and sprinted past us. I'm still confused haha. Elder Sanchez finally got an email from his family that night- they are fine and everything is good :) gracias a Dios

Thursday- We went to eat dinner with a super sweet old lady, but there wasn't a man there, so we had to take the food she made us to the old people home dining room XD it was interesting. We were preparing for exchanges the next day- I was so nervous and preoccupied by that.

I also learned the hard way- DO NOT PUT REGULAR DISH SOAP IN THE DISHWASHER. Will attatch pictures haha

Friday- Exchanges- I had to do an exchange with one of the Zone Leaders. they were so great. probably the hardest day of work we have had so far. I was SO exhausted but it was an absolutely amazing day. We literally got handed a $100 bill in the street, and free haircut coupons. It was such a blessing because we were completely out of food at the house.

Our recent convert got new about her cancer... Her first doctor did not surgically remove all of it, and the rest of her lungs have been taken over by the cancer. It is too bad for surgery, and the doctors outright told her that they will do chemo, but they don't think it will work. We are taking her to the temple next week :) 
I definitely learned a lot from Elder Taylor.

Saturday- This morning, we helped a hoarder pack a few boxes. We packed like... 8 or 9 big boxes, and we barely made a dent. the door still didn't open all the way. Just so you know mom, some people have messier rooms than me ;)  I also started making a Paper Bird :) I'll add a picture, because I finished it this morning :) 

Sunday- We had an amazing lesson with a referral named scott. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares people! He said that he was impressed because our religion doesn't throw it in peoples faces. We taught a Book of Mormon lesson, and invited him to pray and read to know that it is true for himself. I was totally blown away by that response. He has a baptismal date for the 12th of October.

We also walked a TON contacting different referrals before lunch. We have 2 new investigators (including Scott) and 1 potential :)

Monday (today)- I bought ink and a new fountain pen on the way here.. they are so beautiful.. we are in a trio right now because Elder kepoo left to Costa Rica this morning. 

Also, we are finally going to deseret book today. haha.. I hope. Well, thats all the time that I have.

I just want to share my testimony about a few things. I KNOW that our savior and heavenly father are there for each and every one of us. I have felt his love and guidance for me specifically these last few weeks. Everybody struggles, and this gospel, and our savior and father in heaven, can help anybody through anything. The other day during the Temple Dedication I felt a prompting, and a thought from our father in heaven- Christ did not suffer for all of mankind. He suffered for each person individually. It wasn't one event for everyone who did and will ever live, it was for each person, individually. I know that if you turn to our father in heaven, he will comfort you. Like the scripture in Mosiah 24 that talks about Christ making our struggles light, and that he does that so we can stand as a witness for him hereafter. I am here to stand as a witness that our Father and Christ are REAL people who love everyone, and I stand as a witness of this church and this gospel. I know that it was restored by Christ, through Joseph Smith.

HAve a good week :)

Elder Blake Bradburn

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