Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 29 - Ustupu Island

An wisi bap machi mae. An wisi el libro de mormon sunsugedi. an wisi
Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos do los últimos días sunsugedi.

Just my testimony in kuna for yall :) words that didnt exist when the
Spanish arrived, were adopted into kuna as spanish words. so modern
things like computer, etc they actually use spanish words. interesting
to know :)

But hey! how is everyone doing? Ive been doing great out here on
Ustupu. the name of my island, i cant remember if Ive told you, is
Usu-tupu. it literally means isla de conejos, or in english, Bunny

Tuesday- well i still felt bad, so i decided to sleep in to help me
feel better. later in the day, i felt bad enough that we went on
divisions so that i could go home and rest. so we went home and rested
and then i went out again later in the day when i felt better :)

Wednesday- THE CRAZIEST DAY OF MY MISSION. We got up early so that we
could go out with some of the youth to go and meet their friends and
stuff. we visited a few people and hit our daily goals with the youth
before lunch. One of the ladies we visited was an old lady who didnt
speak spanish. We invited her in the lesson to be baptized, and she
said she didnt need baptism. We told her that to enter the kingdon of
god you have to be baptized. She responded "I go to congress, and I
drink chicha fuerte. So im going to heaven and dont need baptism and
im too lazy to go to church".

#traditions of our fathers

We went home, and ate lunch, and just the rest of our day exploded. we
had like a million lessons and i cant explain how amazing that day was
:) the people here are so amazing. we set 11 baptismal dates and had
17 lessons that day. super amazing :) Things arent about the numbers,
but when your numbers are high its easy to feel like youre really
working as hard as you can to bring people closer to Christ :)

Thursday- we actually decided to teach the guys on the columbian boat
and bring them books of mormon and stuff. they are stranded for 20
days at a time on the ocean and dont have even a bible on the boat.
nor any kind of book. so we figure theyll read it even if its just out
of boredom. but they really appreciated to recieve a part of the Word
of god :)

we just saw tons of miracles as we killed ourselves working :)

Friday- it was another good day of work and feeling the spirit :)

Saturday- we woke up at 4 am to take our first journey to the monte..
aka... the mountains on the mainland. we helped a member sahpe up the
tombs of some dead family members. they bury people deep, but in a way
that it leaves a mound called a "parecido" to look like there was a
person there. its really interesting.

we worked again later, but we were exhausted. we carried rocks up and
downa hill for the service.

Sunday- well... sunday is sunday, right? gotta love the opportunity to
go to church :)

Monday- we went with our dueño to the monte... basically... we drove
in motorboat for 45 minutes to a Little cove, and pushed through with
our hands for another 20 minutes, parked, and then walked 20 minutes
through dense forest to his platano farm. we chopped down tons of
platanos, and ended up having to carry them all back in one trip among
the 5 of us. the way panamanians do it, is attatch as many as the can
to a stick, and carry it the whole way back on their shoulder. they
only had two sticks, but i asked to be the one to carry a stick. I
almost died xD it was insanly heavy. and today, My shoulders are
rubbed raw and my back and shoulders are sore xD

also, Elder nysetvold came to teach our branch president how to do his
stuff on the compu. but it happened to break, so we didnt have time to
write home yesterday. so im writing now :)

but hey im out of time soooooo ill talk to yall next week! ahhhhhh

love yall :)

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