Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 13 - The Poisonous Insect Bite

Well.. this week has definitely been an interesting one. Im sure you
can tell by the title, that this week involves another story of
adventure... so Ill jump into my week to keep back the suspense :)

well. Tuesday we headed back to our island on another small motorboat.
It was like a 5 hour tripthis time because we didnt have as good of a
motor, and we had more people on the boat. but we eventually made it.
at like 4 in the afternoon. so we lost a huge chunk of the day, and
when we finally got ready to leave, they called an obligatory congress
meeting for everyone. so nobody was home to teach (the missionaries
are not required to be in their meetings and stuff, however we are
welcome to go)

but we just went home and worked on the √°rea book.

Thursday- A day of.. a trip to the jungle. I dont kow if i explained
this before, but the peopole here survive on farming. they keep their
farms on the mainland, in the thick jungle. the panamanian jungle is
so thick, that they couldnt build a road between panam√° and Columbia
because the jungle grew back over it too fast. so you literally cant
drive to Columbia from here. So, these people farm in that land. There
are all kinds of dangerous things out there. including pumas,
orangutangs, and crocodiles. but anyways... i came face to face with a
creature of dangerous proportions.

We went with Hno. Lope-Dia to his pineapple farm. We took a canoe out
there, and then hiked 30 minutes into the forest, and went to clean
his pineapple farm. They have to go and cut back the tres and other
plants every so often because the jungle grows back and takes over.
Pineapples grow in like a Little bush, but only one pineapple grows in
the bush. look up some pictures. After we finished cleaning, we
started clearing out a huge chunk of forrest. he wants to plant corn.
so, we spent an hour chopping out forrest. Until, out of no where, a
black insect the sise of Elder Bradburn´s finger lands on his face.
and then it stung me. In the momento, i had no idea what it was. but i
was in so much pain, that i fell to the ground to pretect myself. it
stung me two more times. Hno Lope Dia thought i was attacked by ants,
until he got stung himself! I will never forget what he said after
that. "Nos vamos de este lugar. es peligroso" aka- "we leave this
place. its dangerous". and he then explained that creature, that had
me dieing on the ground, was called "Avispa Negra" or The Black Wasp.
theyre very angry waps that are black, and are super poisonous. He
told me that most people vommit and get very bad migraines and pains
through their body. so i prepared for the worst xD he just acted calm
about it.

I never vomited, but over the next 24 hours My face swwole up and i
was in  a lot of pain. but, the work of the Lord must go on! In my
journal that night I wrote "I can handle a wasp sting. but this wasnt
a wasp. it was satan"

After we went home and washed up, we left to go teach :) We had
contacted a man the night before, who asked us to come teach him the
next day. so, we went to teach him. this guy is super prepared. Hes a
great guy. We tauht him the lesson of the Restoratin, and he said he
wants us to come back, and that hes gong to invite a close friend of
his to here the message as well. s this week we are gong to teach him,
his wife, and his close friend.

Later, we went to the Pere family. I think ive talked about them
before. They are less actives who are attending a cult church here on
the island. A church of witchcraft. They are actually a really really
good family, they are just involved with this cray church.

Whenwe got there, he had a crack in his kayuko. so they were using
styrofoam to fix it. when you dip styrofoam into gasolina, it melts
into a pasty glue substance. and they used that to fill the crack. In
the lesson, we commited them to come back to church, and those who
werent baptised, to be baptised. The spirit was super strong :)

Thursday- well. we were supposed to help a member go hunting, but the
plan fell through, because the rains came.

So... when I woke up... my face was super swollen, and so was my arm.
and both were super super itchy xD so it made for an interesting time.
stil in pain, but no cray body pain or migraine.

well, todayhna gonsales made plantain juice. that stuff is super
good!ill have to make it for some of you sometime.  it was an
interesting day but we worked hard.

Friday- there was some kind of community parade in the morning :) it
was cool. it was actually really interesting but ya. It was a cool
thing to see.

Friday has an obligatory congress sessin,so we decided to go to that,
since we arent allowed to t4each other people during congress, or we
could get in trouble. theywer taling about the importance of the
telephone lines, and how through our island, runs a cable tower that
connects central and south america to the USA. They wanted to raise
the cost of renting the land to the world pone companies.

Saturday. It was a good day. we worked hard as well, and nothing too
major happened. we had a lesson where i had to try hard to translate
tulegaya . it was cray, and scattered. but it ended up ok xD

Sunday- well we had church. they found a dead cat behind the chapel,
so we had to get rid of that. it wasnt too bad though.  We had a slow
day of work, because it was raining a lot, so we used it to catch up
on some stuff we needed to do in the house.

well! that was my week! sorry im running out of time so I gotta cut
this short :) i love you all! hope you have a great week! talk to you
later :) ill try to find a way to send potos, but no promises.

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