Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 6

well :) It has been an interesting week :) A week of craziness :) My
weeks and months just all blend together. Ive almost been out in blas
for a month! its amazing out here :) im learning tons and getting to
know the people a lot better :) they even speak differently on
different islands! Ive been on nargana for a day now and the people
understand what i say but they say things a little different. anyways
:) Lets talk about this week :)

Wednesday (because I emailed last tuesday) - We were supposed to go to
the pineapple farmers farm with him.. but he left 5 minutes earlier
than we got there :/ shoot. I was excited. We reset the appointment
for this wednesday :) pineapples dont grow on trees. look up how they
grow. its like a funny looking bush.

We went to hno. Decio´s house. He is one of the guys who helped
translate the book of mormon and temple videos from spanish into
tulegaya. He was telling us about some of the witchcraft that was
taking place on the island. the next few days after that me and
teichart both felt uncomfortable at night XD there are some
interesting things that happen. We have a crazy church here that we
think is involved with some interesting dark stuff. its interesting.
but hey :) stick to the positive of the restoration of the gospel :)
We have the restored church of christ and his same gospel :)

Thursday- We worked hard on thursday :) It was a good day. We have
lessons with our positive investigators. there is actually a lady we
are teaching that understands a lot of spanish, but a lot of the time
i end up having to try to translate between tulegaya and hand signals
(i speak more tulegaya than my companion does)

We had a lesson with Lain, a pretty positive investigator, that night
we taught him with his friends :) his friends were taking the lesson
as a joke like "hey the missionaries.. lets make fun" but by the end
they all felt the spirit, and one of them even came to church on
sunday. super cool :)

Friday- The district president came friday with Elder Maravilla, the
missionary district counselor. They actually showed up a day early.
andwe talked to them and elder maravilla gave us advice for working
with the islands. Hes been worried a lot for the members out here.
Basically, we are supposed to train the branch presidents and members
to do their stuff. I realized again that night how pretty san blas was

Saturday- Happy 4th of july! wooooh! We sand the star spangeled banner
on companionship study XD Saturday.. I found myself thinking about how
amazing and different this culture is :) I wouldnt mind staying here
for a long time :) I also realized ive adjusted to hammocks XD theyre
comfier than beds. I would definitely rather sleep in a hammock. Our
hammocks are huge.

While between appoitnemnts, we tried to find transport to Zone
conference for today. We wanted to be in church on sunday, so we
couldnt leave at 4am with the normal travel boats. so we tried to find
people who could leave sunday afternoon, after church.

Sunday- well, My 19th birthday :) I cant believe im 19 now :) its been
crazy haha. its been a good year. A year ago, i went through the
temple, and I got the priesthood. Wednesday will makr a year since I
left home for my mission the first time. a year since Ive been in the

So it was fast sunday and testimony sunday... in one of the
testimonies a member let us know that he witnessed a tsunami. On our
island! The ocean has been acting strange, and has been really angry
the last little while. Thursday, there was a small tsunami that washed
through a few peoples houses. super crazy. but then right after, a kid
came and said his mom (less active) got us a boat. So we went and
basically had time to go back our bags really quick and come back to
catch the boat.

So the rest of my birthday I spent 4 hours on a speed boat basically
on a roller coaster XD the ocean was really angry for that time.
shoot. it was really fun though. the rest of the day we spent in
Nargana. Nargana is a totally different island. its... they have less
influence form their culture. the Silahs here dont do much, and there
arent congress meetings here anymore. almost nobody speaks dialect.
its super crazy.

well.. do to travel problems and angry ocean, the other elders couldnt
come for our meeting. so tomorrow we head back to our island.
supposedly they say the ocean has calmed down enough for us to go
home, but not for everybody to come here. (naragana is closer to the
port... ustupu is the farthest out) so we basically came and spent $80
in travel for nothing, and have to pay another $80 to get home XD oh

ITs been an interesting couple of days :) actually its been an
interesting week :) I love it here! and i love you all! talk to you
next week :) This week, i can't send pics because the nargana computers
are better than ours :) listo :)

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