Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 5 - Provo West MTC

Dad's Prologue:

Well, the biggest news is that we discovered last week that there was a mistake in paperwork submitted, for the second time, that delays Blake being able to get to Panama as scheduled. The Lord wants him in Panama, so he'll get there, it is just going to be another 4-6 weeks. They have temporarily reassigned him to the Provo, Utah Mission. We don't have any more details than that. He wasn't told yet for sure if he will be spanish thinking. We think so and there are a lot of Spanish speaking missionaries in the Provo mission. We sure hope so. He leaves the MTC on Tuesday, August 19 and won't likely have another p-day to write home until Monday, August 25. We won't probably get any additional details about where he is until then.

With all of the problems with his travel plans, we were able to chat via email with him a few times this week. Elder Bradburn sounds overall in pretty good spirits and very excited to leave the MTC and be out in the mission field, regardless of the location, but he is hoping and praying that his paperwork gets sped along somehow. It was clear to us that he is frustrated and disappointed...I imagine when his whole district heads to Panama without him on Tuesday, that will be a hard day. But he said he knows The Lord expects him to work hard wherever he is and he is ready to do just that. He hopes he will understand during the time he spends in Provo, why he was wanted there first.

I know he would love to get some letters so shoot him an email at

August 14, 2014

This week has been interesting! I don't even know what week it is. On Monday, our teachers changed. It isn't supposed to happen, but they decided to swap teachers in every class. So that was saddening. I loved my teachers. I have a pictures of some of them included with this blog.

Anyways... the really dissaponting news. On Friday, (the 8th) I found out that my FBI background check was never completed. Which means... I am not going to Panama. Yet. I have been officially temporarily reassigned to the...... Provo Utah Mission! So I'm not going far. I get my travel info tonight or tomorrow morning. I know that this must be where the Lord needs me. I am needed here to help someone, or there is someone here who can help me. The Lord always has a reason for doing things. I say goodbye to my district on monday. They leave at 4am on tuesday morning, which means I have to be reassigned companions and stay in a different room that night. 

This last week goes by so quickly but so slow at the same time.. We leave in 5 days! (assuming I go to the Provo mission on the same day). It is so crazy. We have in-field orientation tomorrow... which means a very long meeting that goes from after breaktfast until dinner and nobody knows what it is- how exciting. 

I am so excited to start serving real people. Even though I am not starting out where I originally intended, I am absolutely excited. Hopefully, still in spanish. I am hoping one of my first companions is Latino/doesn't speak english. that would help my spanish grow so much.

This week the Zone Leaders had to help out a group of missionaries who arrived last week (on the 6th). They were very dissfunctional, fighting, not staying with companions, swearing, etc. I won't find out until our meeting on sunday if they are doing better now.
I'm adding pictures of our old teachers, on the day we said goodbye, the latino man is Jose, our old "investigator" and some pictures of me and the others.

Bye for now...

Elder Bradburn

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